American Burger Festival at CentralWorld this weekend

burger festival at CentralWorld

If you love burgers, then you will love the “American Burger Festival” at CentralWorld in Bangkok this weekend. This is part of the “American Food, Fun and Family Fair” that is taking place at CentralWorld in Square A from Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th October 2015. There will be ten burger restaurants taking part in the festival:

1. Daniel Thaiger
2. Mother Trucker
3. Orn the Road
4. Happy Bite
5. New York Style Steak and Burger
6. 25 Degree
7. Paper Butter and the Burger
8. Smashed Burgers
9. Eatdustry Cafe
10. Treecreeper (Scrambler Café)

The US Embassy are running a competition on their Facebook page for three lucky winners to each win vouchers worth 3,000 Baht. So, if you are feeling hungry, then head over there now. Competition ends on Thursday.

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