Apple Watch on Sale in Thailand

Apple Watch in Thailand

The Apple Watch has now gone on sale in nine countries around the world. Namely US, UK, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong and Japan. There has been no official release date yet for Thailand, though speculation is that you will be able to pre-order at iStudio shops in late May with official shipping in June 2015. This rumour is being fulled by the fact that a number of iStudio stores have been closed for “refurbishment”. However, if you cannot wait that long, and if you have money to throw around, the Apple Watch will be available in Bangkok at places like MBK from Saturday 25th April 2015, the day after its official release in Hong Kong.

Apple Watch in Thailand

We don’t have any official prices yet for the Apple Watch in Thailand, but in the US the prices start at 11,365 Baht ($349) for the sports edition. The slightly larger 42mm edition is 12,994 Baht ($399). The stainless edition ranges from 17,876 Baht ($549) to 35,785 Baht ($1,099).

Not surprisingly, the MBK prices will be two to three times these prices. Unless you are desparate, it is advisable to wait for the official release around June 2015. At MBK the prices for the sports edition are from 31,900 Baht to 33,900 Baht. If you want the stainless edition, you are looking at 59,000 Baht. Of course, as more shops start to sell them, and as we get nearer to an official release date, these prices in the grey market will come down.

Source for MBK prices from @l77

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