Giant Yellow Duck Goes on the Rampage in Thailand


Towards the end of last year, a giant yellow duck appeared on the lake in Nong Prajak Sillapakom Park in Udon Thani. It proved to be an instant hit with many people flocking to the lake to take pictures of the yellow duck. It became deflated at one stage but was quickly repaired as it had become a popular tourist attraction for this city in Northeastern Thailand. I took this picture when I went there in January. However, news has just come in that the giant yellow duck is now stuck half way up a tree.


When I first saw these pictures on social media, it looked like the giant yellow duck had gone on the rampage in the city destroying trees and motorcycles in its path. Much like Godzilla. But the real story is that Udon Thani was hit by a big summer storm and the duck was just one of the innocent victims.


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