The Silent Prince Opera on 8-9 June 2013


Two years ago, Somtow Sucharitkul’s “Opera about the Buddha,” THE SILENT PRINCE, premiered in Houston to packed houses and world-wide critical acclaim. It was the first time an opera by a Thai had a world premiere in a major world operatic capital.

Thai audiences have had to wait some time to see this masterwork by Thailand’s most renowned living composer. Last year, about two thousand people were able to get invitations to a special preview on December 5 to honour the birthday of His Majesty the King. Those who missed it will now be able to see the opera during the period of Visakha Buja, June 2013, with two public performances at the Thailand Cultural Center under the auspices of the Department of Cultural Promotion.


THE SILENT PRINCE tells the story of Prince Temiya, a former incarnation of the Lord Buddha, who must choose between obedience to his father and taking a human life. Unable to make a decision, he retreats into silence broken only at the very end of the story, when he is compelled to reveal his identity as the Boddhisatva.

Set in Benares in legendary times, THE SILENT PRINCE weaves a rich, sensuous visual and aural tapestry of color and sound. There are scenes set in Heaven and Hell as well as on earth. Gods and goddess appear by magic, and angels bring the baby Boddhisatva down from the sky, spirits from hell haunt Temiya as he remembers his past lives.

The show is on Saturday 8th June at 7:30pm and Sunday 9 June at 3pm. Tickets are from 500 Baht to 2,000 Baht from ThaiTicketMajor

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