Dog Toilet Spotted at K Village Shopping Mall in Bangkok


When I first saw this “Dog Toilet” sign inside K-Village shopping mall in Bangkok I thought that it was a joke. But, on closer inspection I could see that they were serious as they had marked an area for the dogs to do their business and nearby there were plastic bags and a garbage bin. I also saw signs elsewhere that asked people to keep their dogs on leads at all times. I think that K Village must be the only dog friendly mall in Bangkok.



K Village, an open-air shopping mall, can be found at the lower end of Sukhumwit Soi 26 in Bangkok near Big C Extra.

One thought on “Dog Toilet Spotted at K Village Shopping Mall in Bangkok

  • May 26, 2013 at 12:57 pm

    Idea copied from USA but is it applicable in the Thai context? Are the signs also written in Thai? If not, what are they thinking? Strange.


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