Do it Yourself “Big Cup” of Pepsi for only 23 Baht


During this hot weather in Bangkok at the moment, a cool refreshing drinking is the order of the day. Here is a tip posted on twitter on how to make your own “Big Cup”. First buy a bag of ice at 7-Eleven for 7 Baht. Then a bottle of Pepsi for 16 Baht. Pour this into the bag of ice and you have yourself a “Big Cup” for only 23 Baht. Do you have any more tips for keeping cool?

RT @_ppaint_ : น้ำแข็งถุงเซเว่นถุงละ 7 บาท เป๊ปซี่ขวดละ 16 บาท รวมกัน 23 บาท ผมจะบอกว่าคุ้มกว่าบิ๊กกั๊ฟจริงๆนะ……. 5555555555555

One thought on “Do it Yourself “Big Cup” of Pepsi for only 23 Baht

  • May 19, 2013 at 8:05 am

    I make my own eletrolyte drink and it has a good taste too. It’s a lime shake. I put ice in the blender, squeeze 2 or 3 lime depends on the size of the fruit, add sugar syrup ( brown sugar + water to boil ) some salt and blend it. You can add water if it’s too thick. Cost: less than 10 bath. Very fresh and it really cuts your thirst.


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