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During my backpacking days I spent about three months travelling around most regions of the Indian subcontinent. I was fascinated by the culture and I was even more taken by the food. In particular the vegetarian food of the south. Not once did I miss eating meat. After settling in Thailand, I never really got a chance to eat Indian food again. Mainly because there aren’t any Indian restaurants where I live in Samut Prakan, but also because I fell completely in love with Thai food. But, after all these years I thought it was time for a change. The place that came on my radar first was this one called Saras which is on Sukhumwit 20 in Bangkok. It is near the Windsor Hotel and only a short walk from BTS Asok.


Whenever you go to a restaurant like this, it’s always best to go with a group of friends. That way you can try more dishes. But, Indian food is also famous for large plates like this that come with an assortment of dishes. This is the Rajasthani Thali, which at 310 Baht is probably their most expensive meal. The dishes that I tried were Paneer Tikka which is marinated cottage cheese cubes cooked in the tandoor, Aloo Gobi Matar, which is Gujrati style potatoes, cauliflower and pea curry cooked in fragrant blend of spices, and Paneer Butter Masla, which is Indian cottage cheese cooked in butter sauce and spices. For dessert I enjoyed a Rabi kulfi, which is a rich and creamy ice-cream mixed with assorted nuts. The drink not to be missed was the Mango Lassi, which is a creamy drink of churned yoghurt and mango. I want to get the recipe for that one for sure. That was heavenly, as was all the food.


Saras is open Mondays-Fridays from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. and at the weekend from 8:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. For more information you can call them on 02 401 8484.

On Twitter, I asked people if they had been to Saras already and if they could suggest any other Indian restaurant in Bangkok that served vegetarian food. Now that I have eaten Indian food again, I want to eat some more. Here are some of their replies:

  • @B_Amer 8h: This place is good & so is India Host on Suk 22, right around the corner. Indus on 26 is also really good.
  • @HipsterYogi: Saras is one of my favs! My fav dish there is the masala dosa
  • @DrMichaelChick: A Dime a dozen at Nana. FInding Indian Food serving meat is harder to locate. Prices not very “friendly” though
  • @RoyScott68: I eat at Saras every time I visit BKK. Food is great, and huge menu.There is also veggie Italian in Soi 22 that is good!
  • @BKKConcierge: Try Sri Ganesh, sub-soi of Suk 20, specializes in veg South Indian. Place has no ambience, but food is authentic, flavorful.
  • @baconbkk: The best veg Indian is to be found at Pahurat. Punjab sweets has 2 branches cheap and excellent.
  • @BKKConcierge: Indian Chef Suk 23 does monthly Veg lunch menu; they deliver different meal to your office every day. Homely Indian fare!
  • @qandrew: Check out Mona’s Burmese Food Stall (Soi Suk-utid, Sukhumvit 71, Phra Khanong) @foursquare Lots Veggie. Partially Indian, but healthy salads, curries and noodle dishes made from scratch.
  • @VinayAzad: Try sree ganesh for Dosas on sukh 20. Gagan on langsuan is very highly rated.
  • ‏@maddy191: & best&authentic indian veg food in BKK.i visit everytime i miss my home,5yrs
  • @philipbkk: The best Indian Food experience with a great view and ambience has to be Rang Mahal…Rembrandt Hotel..Sukhumvit 20
  • @MarcusBurtBKK: I’m a big fan of the Indian food at the Tandoor at the Holiday Inn Silom. But the best in the country is hardly known by anyone, Tamil Nadoo, on Silom Soi 11:
  • @Vanalli: I really dig Best Kashmir Restaurant – Asoke. Dunno if anyone else does.
  • @philipbkk: I agree the Tamil Nadu restaurant has great food
  • @narjeet: The Best Indian Chinese in town is definitely Dragon Xpress , next to Ratnin Eye Hospital on Asoke Road. Best Chawmien noodle
  • @Ajarncom: Best Indian in Bangkok is at the bottom of Bearing Soi 33. You can watch the naan breads cooked in front of you. Forgot name
  • @ROSSEDWARDMARKS: Best by far is Rang Mahal at Rembrandt
  • @Binderdonedat: Masala Art at Ei8ht Thonglor is really-really good.
  • @Moontooz: Wherever there is Indian food there will be vegetarian available too. Himali Chacha and sons on Sukhumvit Soi 31 is awesome.
  • @gururajan: Chennai kitchen in silom
  • @rishabh_bwr: Try Nectar a new Indian restaurant open they before yesterday opp Novotel Hotel silom
  • @Trang_Thailand: Chennai Kitchen (Thanon Pan, Silom) for an authentic South Indian vegetarian >> delicious !!
  • @kasparsowner: Saras is one of my favourite Indian restaurants. Did you try the sweets? I recommend the Ras Malai
  • @kasparsowner: Dosa King on suk soi 11 also has good dosas and offer a punch card if you go often
  • @bluebutch: My favorite is the Rang Mahal at the Rembrandt. Nice live music too!

As you can see, I had quite a few replies on Twitter. If you can add any more good ones for Bangkok, then please post in the comments.

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  • November 21, 2019 at 6:07 pm

    Thanks for Sharing and Nice post !!

  • August 1, 2013 at 1:16 pm

    Try Indian Hut on 418, Suriwongsee Road for enjoy your holidays and take full enjoy to food and drink.This is the perfect place for south Indian food.

  • April 29, 2013 at 11:41 am

    One of our favorite places.

  • April 24, 2013 at 8:33 pm

    Try Indus on Soi 26 for their weekend brunch – 550 set price all you can eat. This is not your typical Indian buffet. You order from the menu, the dishes are freshly made as you order, and you order until you are full. The food is fresh and delicious and they will make to order. We have taken people who are not fans of Indian food here for dinner too and all have loved it. Delicious!


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