Illegally Parked Car gets Wheel-Clamped to a Bicycle


The other week, I tweeted a picture on @RichardBarrow of motorcycles parked in such a way that they were blocking the steps up to a shopping mall (see picture). Some people just park anywhere that they like with no consideration for others. Security officials at a hospital in Khon Kaen also had a dilemma last week when a police vehicle illegally parked on their premises. They bravely decided to wheel-clamp that vehicle (see picture). Now this week comes a similar dilemma for security guards at Rot Fai Park in Bangkok. The signs here clearly say that you mustn’t park in front of the entrance way as its being used all the time. But the owner of this car decided to ignore it. The dilemma for the guards was that they didn’t have any wheel-camps. So, they decided to lock a bicycle to the front wheel!

Source: Facebook

One thought on “Illegally Parked Car gets Wheel-Clamped to a Bicycle

  • February 28, 2013 at 8:25 am

    Love it. With the extra million cars on the road this year, it’s bad. They seem to drive and park them like they’re still driving a motorbike.


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