Thailand’s Channel 3 Website Hacked


A group calling themselves “Unlimited Hack Team” managed to hack the Channel 3 website last night and left a message asking “Where’s my Nua Mek?”. This is a popular evening soap opera that had its last episode pulled the other night. It was about a fictitious prime minister who was controlled by an evil sorcerer. No clear reason has been given leaving people to guess that there was political interference.  In an online survey by Bansomdej Poll, 96% did not agree with the axing of the series and 77% believed that the government was involved. Whether that is true or not doesn’t really matter now as the headlines are already going around the world:

RT @KK_Nation: มือดีแฮกเว็บช่อง 3 โพสต์ข้อความ “เหนือเมฆข้าอยู่ไหน” นานกว่า 20 นาที

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