The Thai Food that President Obama ate in Bangkok

As you probably know by now, US President Obama was in Bangkok at the weekend. There were two things about his trip that I was interested in the most. The tourist attraction that he visited (Wat Pho) and the food that he ate. The president actually told a reporter that he liked Thai food and that he was looking forward to the banquet. As I was interested about what was on the menu at Government House, I tweeted to my followers to see if any of them were at the banquet. I sent out a request for a photo of the menu.

My request was answered by @MaryUngrangsee who tweeted this picture of the menu. The highlights of the meal include som tam with grilled chicken, green beef curry and grilled river prawn. The very knowledgeable @SheSimmers has already blogged in detail about the food on this menu so check out her comments here. After I re-tweeted this menu, I got a tweet from @Gail_Karn who works at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok. She proudly said that the menu was created by their Executive Thai Chef Vichit.

2 thoughts on “The Thai Food that President Obama ate in Bangkok

    • December 18, 2012 at 2:47 pm

      I’m sure the green papaya salad Obama ate bared little resemblance in taste to the stuff you get on the street.


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