Pictures of Tear Gas Attack at Mitsakawan Intersection


This was the scene at about 2pm at the Mitsakawan Intersection. When the tear gas canisters started to be thrown I started to move back where I paused to take this picture. Then as more tear gas canisters exploded followed by four or five explosions, the crowd started to run and I was pushed along with them. Everyone had the same intention, to get away from the burning tear gas. It was very painful and difficult to breathe. Luckily I had bottles of water prepared and also a cloth. In the pictures below, I paused a few times to take more pictures. Once the tear gas started to clear I was one of the first to go back. As you can see in the picture bear the bottom, the police kept their ground and didn’t move forward. I counted at least 16 gas canisters on the ground. There were two types. The green one clearly says “Use Before May 2012”.







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