Illuminated Boat Procession in Bangkok

One of the best places to celebrate Loy Krathong in Bangkok last night was probably along the riverfront. I know lots of people went to city parks like Lumphini and Chatuchak, but if you went to the Chao Phraya River then you would have seen some of these illuminated boats cruising along. Actually, they were hard to miss as many had blaring music and others had firework shows.

Originally I thought that they would go all the way along the river and back. But, from where I was watching at the Praya Palazzo Boutique Hotel, I could see that these boats were only doing a short stretch between Rama VII Bridge and Pinklao Bridge. I presume that other boats were doing the same thing further downriver. Certainly something to look out for next year. For the record, Loy Krathong next year is on 17 November 2013.

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