Vegetarian Food at 7-Eleven in Thailand

It is obvious why 7-Eleven is the most popular convenience store in Thailand. If two such stores open next door to each other, the 7-Eleven store nearly always wins. My local store is Family Mart which is good for most things but I usually go a bit further to shop at 7-Eleven. One of the best things that they do are the promotional campaigns. In Thailand at the moment we are celebrating the Vegetarian Festival. To make it easier for their customers, they have brought out a series of ready cooked microwave meals.

The first dish at the top of the page is stir-fried basil (ข้าวกะเพราทรงเครื่องเจ). It is 29 Baht. The above dishes are Top left: Hong Kong Noodles (หมี่ฮ่องกงเจ) 35 Baht | Top right: Duck curry (ข้าวแกงเผ็ดเป็ดย่างเจ) 35 Baht | Bottom left: Green beans stir-fried in chili paste (ข้าวผัดพริกขิงเจ) 29 Baht | Bottom right: Glass noodles stir-fry (เป๋าฮื้ออบวุ้นเส้นเจ) 35 Baht. The final dish, below, is laab jay (ข้าวลาบเจ) which costs 29 Baht.

I tried some of the sticky rice burgers the other week which I liked. I haven’t tried any of these pre-cooked meals yet.  I will try later. But, to be honest, there are plenty of vegetarian food stalls near where I live and in preference I like to buy freshly cooked food. However, I have noticed that pre-cooked meals are starting to become popular in Thailand. 7-Eleven and the supermarkets often have a stock of these meals that you can pop into the microwave to heat up.  Have you tried any? I cannot really see the point as street food is always readily available.

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