Thai Animation Yak to be Released in English and Thai

The latest Thai animation movie, Yak – The Giant King, is being released this weekend in Thailand. I think this actually might be the first Thai animation where they have done two theatrical versions. One for Thai people and another for foreigners. The more common release version will, of course, be in Thai with no subtitles (TH/-). In Bangkok and other major cities around Thailand, there will a version with a Thai soundtrack and English subtitles (TH/EN). For what I think is the first time in a theatrical release inside Thailand, there will also be an English soundtrack version with Thai subtitles (EN/TH). However, you might find that there won’t be many shows in English. For example, at Mega Cineplex on opening day, there will be eight shows in TH/EN and only one show in EN/TH. And this show will be at 7:50 p.m.

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