Metal Spikes to Stop Motorcycle Racers

Everyone knows that once the evening rush hour is over, Thai policeman pack up for the day and head home. The only time that you might see them during the night is for a roadblock. But these are not often seen. From late evening to early morning, drivers seemingly do what they like. From going through red lights to drink driving. Hardly any motorcyclists wear a helmet. It is almost a lawless “every man for himself” situation. This also goes for the gangs of teenagers roaming the streets on illegally modified motorcycles. A popular pastime for them is to close down major roads and hold races through the night. Some areas they race night after night in the same place with no intervention by the police.

Every now and then the police do a crackdown and usually manage to arrest many of them. But, it is dangerous for them. I have seen with my own eyes motorcyclists refusing to stop when a policeman tries to flag them down. They don’t seem to care. There has been several newspaper stories of policemen being hurt by these riders when their motorcycle crashed into them. And so, I am sure the police are happy to see the deployment of these metal road spikes. Members of the media had a demonstration today. Apparently they shoot out very quickly. They don’t cause an accident but after 30-40 meters the motorcycle is unable to be used any more. I doubt this will see the end to night-time motorcycle racing. But, it might make the job of the policemen a bit safer.

2 thoughts on “Metal Spikes to Stop Motorcycle Racers

  • October 17, 2012 at 9:27 pm

    If racing is all they want, then why no open up a track specifically for that?
    On top of that, sell tickets, refreshments, souvenirs, t-shirts and everyone gets to go home happy.

    • October 17, 2012 at 9:39 pm

      Give them a race track? That makes too much sense. That is not acceptable. TIT.


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