Andaman Culture Festival 9-11 November 2012

The upcoming “Andaman – The World Experience” event will be taking place in Phuket from 9 to 11 November.  The purpose is to showcase to the world that, besides the white-sand beaches and beautiful sea, the Andaman also has historical, natural and cultural sights to experience. According to a report in the Phuket Gazette, the festival is to be launched by PM Yingluck Shinawatra at the Blue Elephant Royal Thai Cuisine in Phuket Town. The event will feature a carnival parade with each of the provinces presenting their own unique charms, focusing on the culture and history along with existing tourist attractions that best represent their location as a holiday destination.

  • Krabi, under the slogan “43,000 years Krabi, adventure wonderful Andaman” will give tourists the opportunity to discover a lost ancient empire and how ancient inhabitants lived
  • Phang Nga province has chosen more recent times with “2,000 years Phang Nga, the wonderful beauty of the Andaman” being their slogan
  • Phuket has focused on almost modern history, going with the slogan “400 years Phuket, the wonderful glamor of the Andaman”, which will focus on the Sino-Portuguese historical aspects of the city and the wide variety of nationalities and cultures found in Phuket
  • Ranong has jumped forward in time too, with “150 years Ranong, the endless wonderful Andaman”. Ranong province is highlighting that they have the third-best mineral water in the world with natural resorts and spas to match
  • Trang province, by comparison, is bang up to date with “100 years Trang, the wonderful heaven of the Andaman”, focusing on their “many wonderful places” and range of different cultural dishes
  • Satun, isn’t bothering with history and has gone for the simple “Wonderful Andaman romantic Satun, it’s a very beautiful province”

I don’t have much information at the moment other than what was in the Phuket Gazette. Hopefully I will be flying down to Phuket for this event and as soon as I get some more information and a schedule I will post it on

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