New Thai Book Answers the Question: Where is Steve Jobs Now?

If you are curious, a new book published in Thailand tries to answer the question about where Steve Jobs has gone. In Thai, the book is called “สตีฟ จ็อบส์ ตายแล้วไปไหน” which translates as “Steve Jobs is dead where has he gone?”. According to a Thai Buddhist Sect, he has reincarnated as a divine being. Saksith Saiyasombut of the Asian Correspondant, who translated the original news story, wrote in an article that Steve Jobs is now “half a Witthayathorn” and, apparently because of his well-known temper, “half a yak” (not the animal), a giant demon that is mostly seen ‘guarding’ Buddhist temples in Thailand.

You can watch the original videos on the Thai Buddhist website DMC.TV about where Steve Jobs has gone – also check out Saksith’s interesting article “Thai Buddhist cult claims to know afterlife of Steve Jobs” for the Asian Correspondent.


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