Have You Seen this Missing Girl?

Nine year old Jeeraphat Thongchum (Nong Jeejee) disappeared two years ago from a petrol station in Kaeng Khoi district of Saraburi. She was helping her parents sell flower garlands when she went missing on 18th September 2010. According to the Bangkok Post, the police refused to follow up on a report filed by her mother on the day as they said they had to wait for 24 hours. According to the Mirror Foundation, 65 children have been kidnapped over the past nine year with four-year-olds at highest risk.

One thought on “Have You Seen this Missing Girl?

  • June 5, 2015 at 12:47 pm

    I came across a share in FB and there was a picture of a girl that looks like the missing child. I cannot verify the source but one of the comments read that it was taken in Bukit Kintang KL, Malaysia.


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