Free PC Tablets for Thai Students Arrive at School

The election promise for the Phue Thai Party was to give all of the Primary 1 students in Thailand free PC Tablets. Once they were elected and in government, not many people believed that they would actually go forward with their promise. Particularly as one problem after another was being reported in the Thai media. Deadlines were also being broken. The school year started back in May and we are now just coming to the end of Term 1.

But then, a couple of weeks ago, the Primary 1 teachers from my school were invited to a 3-day seminar to familiarize themselves with the Tablet. Then the other day I attended a seminar for computer technicians and I was able to play with a Tablet for the first time (see my review here). We didn’t think that the Tablets would arrive until the end of the month, but to our surprise, 161 Tablets were delivered to the school this afternoon. I will be writing more about the experience of using these Tablets in a classroom over the coming months on my blog

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