24/Sep/1990: Bangkok Gas Explosion Kills 90

24 September 1990: A liquid petroleum gas tanker truck crashed on the expressway exit at New Phetchaburi Road in Bangkok, causing large explosions and fires that burned through 38 shophouses for over 24 hours. 90 persons died, 121 were injured and 43 cars were destroyed (Wiki)

24 ก.ย.ครบรอบ 22 ปี เหตุการณ์รถบรรทุกแก๊สพลิกคว่ำถ.เพชรบุรีตัดใหม่ ทำให้ไฟไหม้ผู้คน,บ้าน,รถผู้ใช้รถติดไฟแดงตรงนั้นตายไป 89ศพ (@KomNopparat)

More pictures, some of them graphic, can be seen on this page.

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  • September 24, 2012 at 8:46 am

    And I always thought it happened on Silom Road..


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