Driving Test in Thailand

When I first came to Thailand I already had a driving license and so it wasn’t that difficult for me to change to a Thai one. All I had to do was take a theory test on road signs which was easy,  some tests for things like colour blindness, and a reaction time test for a stop light. I also had to watch a road safety video in Thai. I was then given my license which lasts for five years. The last time I renewed I didn’t have to do the theory test.

If you don’t have a license from your home country then you will need to do a practical test. When I was old enough to drive a car I remember taking driving lessons in order to prepare me for the driving test. This was quite a big thing and many people I knew failed their first test. Once I was ready I took the test. This involved driving around the town. The hardest thing for me was starting the car on a hill.  Luckily I passed.

In Thailand, they don’t do the driving tests out on the streets. They do it in the car park of your local Department of Land Transport. In Bangkok this is in Mochit. As you can see on the map above, all you have to do is reverse into a parking spot, turn right, go straight and park! So easy that everyone probably passes.  Is this really enough to see if someone is ready for rush hour traffic? No wonder Bangkok traffic is so bad with frequent accidents.

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