Mama have just released their Chicken Green Curry flavoured noodles

It’s finally out. Mama, the most popular brand of instant noodles in Thailand, have just released their latest product. It is Chicken Green Curry flavoured instant noodles. I just bought a pack to give them a try. My favourite at the moment is “Tom Yum” flavour. They also have a “nam kon” version of this which is adding coconut milk. But, I prefer the straight “Tom Yum” version and then adding real coconut milk. I also add Chinese cabbage and oyster mushrooms for a hint of nutrition. The idea of crossing mama noodles and chicken curry interests me. I often mix left over green curry with mama noodles which has a good taste. This package version, of course, won’t be as good, but it is worth a try. They are only 5 Baht each for the packets and 13 Baht for the cup.

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