Buddhists to March in Bangkok to Tell the World to Stop Disrespecting Buddha

The KnowingBuddha Foundation is preparing a Buddhist March on 30 June, in one of the Bangkok’s most famous streets, Khao San Road, to speak out against the improper usage of Buddha’s image in the modern world. The highlight of the march will be large signs depicting “Enough” on the Buddha Bar picture, also the sign “No!” on the Disney movie “Snow Buddies” which uses the Buddha’s name as a Dog.

There are many others business who using Buddha’ images in commerce, and this will be reflected in the march. The KnowingBudda organization’s purpose of the march is to improve awareness in the world, about how not to treat Buddha’s images and name improperly. The march is called ‘Dharma Gratitude’ and it will start at 5pm on Saturday, June 30th, at Khao San Road in Bangkok Thailand.

More information:  http://www.facebook.com/KnowingBuddha

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