Bicycle Friendly Pedestrian Bridges in Bangkok

As more and more Bangkok people are buying bicycles and riding around the city, it does make sense making life both easier and safer for them. Every now and then you will see special bicycle lanes either to the side of the road or on the pavement. I know they don’t always work well as people often park cars or motorcycles in the way. But at least the local authorities are making an effort.

Another problem are the pedestrian bridges that we need to use to cross busy roads. Normally we would have to carry the bikes up and over. But I just spotted this picture posted by Bangkok Bicycle Campaign on their Facebook page. It is similar to what you see in other countries. It has runners so you can just wheel your bicycle up and down the steps. This one was spotted at Soi Ladphrao 71.

2 thoughts on “Bicycle Friendly Pedestrian Bridges in Bangkok

  • June 28, 2012 at 8:15 pm

    A good beginning ! Its not far away from where I stay on Latphrao 41 when I am in Bangkok. I expect now to rent a bicycle next time !


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