Another Foreign Tourist Stabbed in Thailand

Last night came news of another stabbing in Thailand involving a foreign tourist. This is the last thing that Thailand needs at this time, what with the mysterious deaths on Phi Phi island and the fatal stabbing in Phuket. To the credit of the police, they worked quickly to find the killer of the Australian tourist. Unfortunately, the deaths in a Phi Phi Hotel still remain a mystery.

Information about this latest case is a bit sketchy. Apparently a German tourist and his English wife (opposite way around according to other news sources), were travelling from Surat Thani to Bangkok. When they got to Samut Sakhon they were the last people on the bus and the driver didn’t want to go any further and told them to find another bus. (Small tip here, don’t use illegal buses to travel long distances.) The German apparently forgot his bag on the bus and when he went back to get it he found some things were missing. During an argument he was then stabbed in the chest. Again, the police acted quickly and the suspects have already been arrested and charged.

One thought on “Another Foreign Tourist Stabbed in Thailand

  • July 2, 2012 at 3:03 am

    As suggested in a recent book i read, “Thailand Black Book”, it’s best not to get into a fight because in most cases you will lose. Better to let it go & deal with Tourist police if it’s that important.


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