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The main website in Thailand for monitoring web traffic is It gives you a daily chart of the most popular sites inside Thailand according to number of hits. It also gives information on keywords people are using to search on the internet which is useful for webmasters. The following are the winners of the Web Awards 2011. Click here for the full list.


According to the Thailand Internet Snapshot 2011 report from Statistics, Thailand had 25.09 million Internet users last year, up 26.77% from 19.79 million the previous year. Not only did the number of users increase, but daily Internet usage also rose.

Google still dominates the search-engine market in Thailand with a 99.18% share. Up to 30.77% of Internet users opt for Google Chrome, though Microsoft’s Internet Explorer remains the market leader with 44.36%. The other top browsers are Firefox with 14.19% and Safari with 8.92%.

Thai users generally accessed websites via three methods: 48% (2.78% less) accessed sites directly; 38% (0.22% less) opted for search engines; and 14% (2.56% more) chose to click on referral links. The top websites for referral are Facebook, Google Adwords and Twitter, which have grown by 351%, 263% and 501% respectively. Facebook link referrals earn an average of a million clicks daily among Thai Internet users, while search engines average at about 19.2 million times per month.

More people are accessing the Net via mobile devices. Last April, about 400,000 people accessed the Net via their mobile phones, which rose to more than a million a day this April. The iOS mobile platform dominates the market with 77% usage thanks to the iPad and iPhone. The other top mobile operating systems are Android, Symbian and Blackberry.

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