Top 10 Thai People with the Most Followers & Most Re-Tweets

Two of the ways to look for new people to follow on Twitter are seeing who has the most followers already (they must in theory be doing something right) and to see whose Tweets are re-tweeted the most (they must be saying something interesting).

Here is the Top 10 Thai People with the Most Followers:

  1. @Khunnie0624 – 1,240,723
  2. @Woodytalk – 706,690
  3. @vajiramedhi – 551,182
  4. @Tukky_ching100 – 542,188
  5. @chocoopal – 526,309
  6. @Domepakornlam – 521,975
  7. @ChompooAraya – 477,335
  8. @kalamare – 475,178
  9. @na_nake – 450,722
  10. @vjwoonsen – 447,008

You can see the latest Top 50 charts for Thailand on – Regular updates for popular words, hashtags, people, pictures & videos in Thailand – Regular updates of popular re-tweets in Thailand – Top retweets as well as popular hashtags, users and words in Thailand

TopThaiNews – Regular updates of top re-tweets of Thai news

If you like, you can follow me on Twitter (@RichardBarrow). I don’t have as many followers as these people, nor are my Tweets re-tweeted as many times. But, I think I give a good daily wrap-up of what is happening in Thailand. If you want to see your top re-tweets, like above, then visit Another useful site to see regular updates of your retweets try My followers live in Thailand (43.1%), Australia (10.5%), U.S. (10.1%) , UK (7.9%)  and Singapore (3.7%). To see your own statistics for your followers on a map, visit www.twocation. A final one I have used shows you who has retweeted you the most often over thelast 200 tweets. Go to

Please let me know in the comments if you have found any other useful sites about people tweeting in Thailand.

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