Monks Walking on Petals in Bangkok

All of this week, 1,500 Dhammachai Dhutanga monks will be walking through Bangkok. For the entire pilgrimage, local laypeople will scatter flower petals for the monks to walk upon. On Thursday they will be walking through Chinatown (National Stadium to Suankularb School) and on Friday they will cross to Thonburi to finish at Wat Paknam. This picture was tweeted today by @potapotypoter from near the Victory Monument.

On Thursday 5th of April, the route will start from Thephasadin Stadium to Suankularb Wittayalai School passing through Rama 1 Rd., Bantadthong Rd., Rama 4 Rd., Chinese-Thai Friendship Rd., Wat Trimitra Temple on Yaowarat Rd., Chakrawat Rd., Mahachai Rd., Charoen Krung Rd., Tripetch Rd., with the total distance of 5.3 Kilometers. The rest stop will be at Wat Trimitra Temple.

On Friday 6th of April, the route will start from Suankularb Wittayalai School to Wat Paknam Temple passing Tripetch Rd., Prachatipok Rd., Wongwian Lek-Wong Wian Yai Rd., Intrapitak Rd., Tred Thai., Talad Plu, Rajmongkolprasat Rd. before arriving the final destination at Wat Pak Nam Temple with the total distance of 6.4 Kilometers.

For more information in English, please visit the DMC website.

UPDATE: Catherine Wentworth has posted some pictures from today on her Facebook page.

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