My name is Richard Barrow and I am a British expat living here in Thailand for over twenty years. I have been blogging about travel in Thailand since 1998.  I also post daily on social media on Twitter and Facebook.

Are you visiting Thailand during October 2017? Please check out my blog Everything you need to know about the funeral of King Buhmibol for information about what is open and closed during the funeral. Plus how to dress if you want to take part in one of the ceremonies.

News about Thailand on Twitter

I spend a lot of time on Twitter. I post mainly travel news with ideas of where to go in Thailand. I also post breaking news which might be useful for expats. Most of my tweets are translated from Thai, which is why you will often find it first on my Twitter feed. I tweet in English on @RichardBarrow and in Thai on @RichardinThai. I also have a Facebook fanpage.