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1.38 Million cars left Bangkok at the start of the new year holiday

1.38 Million cars left Bangkok at the start of the new year holiday

The best time of year to drive around Bangkok is during any long weekends. The longer the better like what we are having at the moment. According to the statistics that were released today, a total of 1,381,470 cars left Bangkok on the main highways during the last three days. This explains why Bangkok’s road are so quiet this weekend.

Most cars left Bangkok on the Outer Ring Road (40.77%), followed by Motorway (33.65%) and Burapha Withi Expressway (25.58%). Interestingly, the latter highway, which goes towards Chonburi and Pattaya, actually saw a drop of 14.12% in cars compared to a normal day.

Outbound Traffic between 29th-31st December 2016
Cars: 1,381,470 (460,490 per day compared to 392,295 on an average day) +17.38%
Trucks: 66,274 (22,091 per day compared to 43,914 on an average day) -49.69%

Motorway Highway 7
Cars: 456,555 (152,185 per day compared to 128,672 on an average day) +18.27%
Trucks:  (10,189 per day compared to 18,348 on an average day) -44.47%

Motorway Highway 9
Cars: 566,964 (188,988 per day compared to 124,688 on an average day) +51.57%
Trucks:  (7,755 per day compared to 18,910 on an average day) -58.99%

Burapha Withi Expressway
Cars: 357,951 (119,317 per day compared to 138,935 on an average day) -14.12%
Trucks:  (4,147 per day compared to 6,656 on an average day) -37.70%

389 Brits died in Thailand, an increase of 31%

389 Brits died in Thailand, an increase of 31%


The annual “British Behaviour Abroad Report 2013” has just been released by the UK government. During the period 1 April 2012 to 31 March 2013, consular staff gave assistance to more than 19,000 Brits in need which is a slight drop of 3%. Overall arrests of Brits abroad for drug offences dropped to their lowest level for four years, with a decrease of 34% since 2009/10 and general arrests and detentions showed a 21% drop in the same period. However, in the 2012/13 period 3,599 British people were hospitalised and there were over 6,000 deaths of British people abroad. Worryingly, reported rape and sexual assault cases increased by 10% compared to 2011/12.


The following are the statistics for Brits in Thailand during 2012-2013:

  • Thailand has seen a significant increase in hospitalisations (31%) and deaths (31%), despite fewer cases worldwide. Road traffic accidents, many involving young people on mopeds, and an ageing expat population are both factors attributed to the increase in cases.
  • Proportionally Brits traveling abroad are most likely to be hospitalised in Thailand (285 cases) followed by the Philippines
  • Last year, 389 people died in Thailand compared to 296 during 2011-2012. This is an increase of 31.42%
  • Last year, 285 people were hospitalised compared to 217 during 2011-2012. This is an increase of 31.34%
  • There was a 7.84% drop in the number of Brits being arrested. During 2012-2013 188 Brits were arrested in Thailand. Out of these, 36 were arrested for drug offences which was a 5.26% drop
  • There were 9 reported rape cases (down 30.77%) and 4 cases of sexual assault (remains the same)
  • In proportion to number of visitors and expats, Thailand is ranked second as the place where Brits are most likely to require assistance

Click here for the full report released by the FCO

Drowning Statistics for Thai Kids January – June 2013

Drowning Statistics for Thai Kids January – June 2013


The latest statistics have just been released for Thai children under the age of 15 who drowned between January and June 2013. The total this year so far is 63 deaths:

January: 9 deaths
February: 8 deaths
March: 12 deaths
April: 9 deaths
May: 4 deaths
June: 21 deaths

It seems strange that so many children drowned last month when only 9 drowned during the height of the summer holidays in April. You would think that the long holidays would see the most deaths.

Top 10 Tourist Arrivals in Thailand in April 2013

Top 10 Tourist Arrivals in Thailand in April 2013


The number of tourists arriving in Thailand is continuing to increase. Despite being the start of the slow season, April saw a 19.38% increase in foreign tourists to Thailand compared to the same time last year. In the first four months of this year there has been 8,841,730 foreign tourists which is well on course to beat last year’s yearly record. The following is the top 10 list of countries that sent the most visitors in April 2013.

  1. China 410,173 (+91.05%)
  2. Malaysia 211,370 (+20.86%)
  3. Russia 148,921 (+47.98%)
  4. Japan 112,367 (+9.65%)
  5. Korea 85,987 (+9.35%)
  6. Australia 77,178 (-6.22%)
  7. India 72,893 (-10.03%)
  8. United Kingdom 72,865 (-5.42%)
  9. Vietnam 64,668 (+23.13%)
  10. Laos 64,627 (-14.58%)
Consumer optimism high as 7 out of 10 Thai travellers planning to spend more on travel in 2013

Consumer optimism high as 7 out of 10 Thai travellers planning to spend more on travel in 2013


TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site, has announced the results of the world’s largest accommodation and traveller survey, the “TripBarometer by TripAdvisor”. This study reports on top travel and hospitality industry trends according to more than 35,000 travellers and hoteliers around the world. The results of the TripBarometer revealed insights into the booking behavior of Thai travellers as well as the importance of online reviews and social media when it comes to planning a trip and even during a trip.

Thai Travellers in Profile

According to the TripBarometer, four in five (83%) of Thai travellers are planning to increase their travel budget in 2013. Only 6 per cent are planning to spend less with 11 per cent spending the same as last year.

When it comes to booking of accommodation, the top 5 factors that influenced them are price, location, attractions or nearby activities, accommodation amenities and online review.

Top 5 Factors that influenced accommodation booking

  • Price – 72% (76% globally)
  • Location – 58% (68% globally)
  • Attractions or nearby activities – 5-% (35% globally)
  • Accommodation amenities – 45% (34% globally)
  • Online reviews – 30% (44% globally)

When asked how many properties they would consider before making a booking, 72 per cent of Thai travellers said they would consider 1 to 5 properties, 21 per cent said they would consider 6 to 10 properties and 3 per cent said they would consider 11 to 15 properties.


Planning a trip has gone digital

The TripBarometer also revealed that more than nine out of ten Thai travellers (94%) are turning to the Internet to plan their travel. The top source of information amongst Thai travellers when planning their trip is travel review websites, followed by travel operator websites and friends and family.

Top 3 Sources of Information

  • Travel Review Websites – 68% (69% globally)
  • Travel Operator Websites – 66% (56% globally)
  • Friends and Family – 55% (43 % globally)

Thai travellers also ranked highest globally (58%) for being highly influenced by other travellers’ reviews and opinions in travel review websites.

Travellers are online and on social networks even during a holiday
Thai travellers are online and going on social networks even during a trip. They are some of the biggest users globally of social media (52%) when researching and planning their trips, with the most popular being Facebook.

Top 3 social media platforms used to plan last trip

  • Facebook – 88% (76% globally)
  • Google+ – 58% (40% globally)
  • Twitter – 22% (21% globally)

During a trip, the top uses of technology for Thai travellers were “uploaded holiday photos to a social network”, “accessed the Internet through a mobile phone” and “using a mobile app to find attractions or activities”.

Top 3 uses of technology during a trip

  • Uploaded holiday photos to a social network – 67% (39% globally)
  • Accessed the Internet through a mobile phone – 62% (51% globally)
  • Used a mobile app to find attractions or activities – 53% (33% globally)

“In an ever connected world, it is clear that Thai travellers are turning to the Internet for all their travel needs,” said Cindy Tan, Vice President, Asia Pacific at TripAdvisor. “From researching their trips to getting advice and recommendations on where to go and to keeping in contact with friends and loved ones during the trip, the internet is proving to be a trusted and useful ally.”

For the full TripBarometer report, infographic and Thailand specific findings, please go to