About Richard Barrow in Thailand

About Richard Barrow in Thailand

People keep asking me why I don’t have an “about me” page on my blog. The main reason is that I am a private person and don’t like the attention that my work sometimes brings me. I’m flattered and very surprised when people recognize me on the streets, but in preference I prefer to work anonymously. Which is why I have a rule to turn down any requests for interviews. I also don’t do selfies and rarely post photos of myself. I know it sounds strange to say I am publicity shy as my name is everywhere on my blogs. Unlike some other bloggers and people on social media, I chose right from the start to use my real name in order to be accountable for what I say and do. I think there are too many “bar stool” experts on forums already who hide behind anonymity.

I often get asked by people how much money I make from Twitter and social media. The quick answer to that is “zero”. I don’t accept payment for endorsements or promotion of events and attractions. If I like it, I will tweet it for free. I know some people don’t believe that, but it was the way I was brought up; to do volunteer work and to help others. My parents set a good example for me and I followed in their footsteps. There is an old Thai saying about making merit by putting gold leaf on the back of a Buddha image where people won’t see it. The same goes for me. People who know me, know what I do. I don’t seek publicity about it. Naturally I am honoured when I receive praise for my work. It certainly encourages me to work harder. But, it does embarrass me when people say it to my face.

I don’t normally collect quotes about me on the Internet, but several people have said that I should collect some of these together in case I need to seek work in the future. You never know, I might need to get a “proper” job at some stage. So, here are some of the latest that I have spotted:

Richard Barrow, blogger and long time resident of Thailand, is a trusted source of journalists and tourists about the situation in Thailand. In addition, he has been consistently promoting the rich tradition and natural beauty of Thailand (Global Voices)

Richard Barrow, a full-time travel blogger based in Bangkok, is a top source for those seeking news about the protests as well as travel advice (CNN International)

Richard Barrow, a travel blogger, has been tracking the social media postings in English and in Thai, sharing them on his Twitter account (New York Times)

Richard was my primary source as someone who is here in the city and who understands travel. And he is also a primary source of the media (WebInkKnow)

In the modern era up to date information is always at your fingertips and I would recommend following travel blogger Richard Barrow on Twitter (@richardbarrow) for on the ground updates (Daily Telegraph)

One of Thailand’s top bloggers, Richard Barrow (Phuket Wan)

Many expats got to “know” him during the Thai flood end of 2011, when he was one of the few reliable, but for sure the fastest source of essential English information about all flood related questions in whole Thailand (PTG Patana School)




5 thoughts on “About Richard Barrow in Thailand

  1. Hi Richard,

    First off all I would like to say that I am a big admirer of your dedication to Thai news, events and latest happenings. Keep it up!

    The reason for my email is simple: I would really appreciate your feedback on my new site launched last December!.The URL is http://www.bkkme.com.

    If any of the stories published on the site take your fancy, it would be fantastic if you could help us out with a quick share on your hugely influential Twitter account. (I recommend the teacher story). It would really help us out as we have limited human and financial resources right now.

    That said, if it’s not your thing, we understand! Granted, our site is aimed at quite a young demographic and we do go for slightly sensationalist headlines – not everybody’s cup of tea.

    Nevertheless, we hope you keep up the excellent reporting and maintain your insightful blog.

    Best regards,

    Will Gibson
    Editor & Founder, BKKme.com

  2. Hi,just thought to ask a question,visited the grand palace area today 9.3.17,unable to go in due to our clothes restriction,no problem will visit again,but what was noted ,many police ,army, being inspected and advised,ladies in smart black outfits with sparkly pendants , Going into the palace, hundreds of them.hardly any traffic on the surrounding roads,are you able to inform what is happening,

  3. Hello Richard, I see lots of good pics taken with drone in your vlogs. Could you give some advice how to go about drone shots in Thailand so that everyone around including law enforcement are happy? I did some research on the law but I would love your comment on its practical application. I will be staying near the river in Bangkok and would love to make few flights from some quiet pier or uncrowded boat with captain’s permission, could I run in any problems doing that?

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