Thailand Travel Writer Richard Barrow

Thailand Travel Writer Richard Barrow

I have been exploring Thailand for over twenty years now. At first I was just doing it for pleasure, but in 1997 I became one of Thailand’s first travel bloggers. It is now a fulltime job for me. The following is a list to my recent trips and also blogs and social media accounts.

  1. – news & events of interest to expats and repeat tourists
  2. – news & events for tourists
  3. – all the latest big events & festivals
  4. – explore Thailand 10 photos at a time
  5. – my drone photos from around Thailand


Links to my Overnight and Day Trip Posts:







21 thoughts on “Thailand Travel Writer Richard Barrow

  1. Hi Richard, this might seem irrelevant but I was wondering if I could share some questions and my itinerary with you for my first ever trip next month?
    My husband and I have done ample research but have some confusion here and there.

  2. Hi Richard,
    my family myself, wife and kids are traveling to Thailand in May and my wife is saying she doesn’t want to go because she belives it is not safe for us. We are flying into Phuket and then staying 9 days in Khao Lak, is she justified? or being paranoid? Any pointers you can give to help ease her issues I would greatly appreciate. Thanks
    Sorry about repost but i forgot to get notifications

    1. I was in Phuket not too long ago and didn’t see any reason for alarm. In fact my cousin is going there on holiday later this week and I see no reason or need to warn her of any danger. Why does she think it is not safe?

  3. Hi Richard
    Have you ever tried exploring Thailand with one of these maps: (Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Nonthaburi) ?
    The maps are over 40 years old and are receiving constant updates, it is the key to exploring with confidence! If you would like to see the map, I could send you a complimentary map to peruse – contact me!

  4. Hi Richard, do you know what the reasons behind speedboat companies not doing island transfers from the mainland after sunset? If you could advise that would be most appreciated. Many thanks Lisa

  5. hello Richard. First thank you for your articles always a pleasure to read and very useful information on your trip reviews. I’m always pleased to see your pictures always vibrant. Can you share what gear you are using. Thank you.

  6. Hi Richard,
    Can I find out from you whether there are any taxi back from Khlong Lat Mayom floating Market to Bang Wa Station. How do you communicate with the Locals…by sign language.

    Thank you

  7. Hi Richard! I would like to asked what is the best solution if you lost your 90 days slip but my 90 days hasn’t expired yet. I’m being paranoid about this. I don’t know what to do? Am I going to pay 500 everyday? . I want to know everything about losing 90 days of slip. 🙁

  8. Thanks a lot for your answer! Do I need to bring some documents in the Police Station? Or I will just tell them that I lost my 90 days of slip? May I know what are the documents that I should bring? Thankyou!

  9. Thailand is not so interesting, I wonder how can you talk only about this your whole life ?

    Don’t you have any other interest ?

    Do you really find Thai people so smart and interesting ?

  10. Hi Richard. I’ll be going to Bangkok this October, from 18th – 23rd. Would it affect anything/the trip due to the royal cremation? Thanks!

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