Long-Stay Thai Visa for Senior Tourists to be extended to 10 Years

Long-Stay Thai Visa for Senior Tourists to be extended to 10 Years

The Thai government has approved the extension of long-stay visas for senior tourists from one year to ten years. The new visa will cost 10,000 Baht.

The Ministry of Public Health reported to the Cabinet on 22 November 2016 that the number of foreign senior citizens seeking to stay in Thailand for a long period is on the rise. These senior tourists have applied for the non-immigrant visa (long stay). They have stayed mainly in major tourist provinces, such as Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Chon Buri, and other famous seaside provinces.

As Thailand aims to develop itself as a Medical and Wellness Tourism Center, the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports in their joint meeting agreed to extend the long-stay visa from one year to 10 years. The extension will be offered for tourists from 14 countries, namely Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Eligible foreign senior tourists must be 50 years old and over and they are required to seek the non-immigrant visa (long stay) at the Office of Thai Consul-General overseas. For those with other types of visa and wish to change it to the long-stay visa, their visa must be valid initially for five years and can be renewed for another five years in the form of a multiple entry visa.

This long-stay visa fee has been set at 10,000 baht. Eligible foreign tourists should have a monthly income of at least 100,000 baht, or a bank deposit of at least three million baht, which must be maintained for at least one year after the visa is granted.

They should also have a medical insurance coverage for one year, with at least 1,000 US dollars for out-patient care and 10,000 dollars for in-patient care each time. They must also report to a designated immigration office every 90 days.

Source: Foreign Office, The Government Public Relations

16 thoughts on “Long-Stay Thai Visa for Senior Tourists to be extended to 10 Years

  1. The requirements for insurance seem quite high.
    I am insured through the insurance of my wife who works for an American NGO and this goes up to 5000 THB per day, 6000 THB per accident and some others (opdcredit) 2500 THB/day. This is considered a reasonable insurance for Thailand but doesn’t come close to the requirements in US $!
    I doubt many foreigners will be willing/able to purchase more expensive packages!

  2. InPatient OK but many foreigner pay for outpatient to reduce the premium. Having either 3 Mio. In the bank or a 100,000 monthly income was never a problem for outpatient bills

  3. I’m interested to know if you have the 3 million Baht do you have to keep it in a Thai Bank Account in Thailand, it’s not essential at he moment (the BT 800,000. Is the money the only consideration or do you have to go through the health checks, police checks, medical and so on.

    For a about to be 75 y/o bloke (me) can you get health insurance in Thailand, unlikely? It seems JC is aware of this, health insurance is rather hard to get in Thailand if you are over 60 y/o, JC has addressed this one of his recent posts. So do oldies not qualify for this new Visa. Are the present options still available, MVTV and OA and others on arrival visas.

    I can see another Dog’s Dinner coming up. wwolf! wolf!

    Lots of questions to ask…the dog might know?

    Because of the relative closeness to Perth in Australia to Thailand, it would maybe better if I made regular trips each 3 months at a time on a 60+30 day tourist visa instead of getting a retirement visa. I’d have to pay the Bt1900 to extend the Tourist visa to 3 months and only have to be back in Aus for a month or so to keep all my entitlements for free health cover and most of my pension, then back to Thailand and no Thai health insurance costs. I already pay for private cover in Aus on top of the Aus free cover On my recent wonderful stay in Cha-am for 2 months and all the palava about getting my visa this could bring a whole box of new tricks to negotiate. There are quite a lot of Aussies in Cha-am and all over Thailand who go back and forth and do as I’ve suggested which I suspected and found to be true on my recent trip.

    If I do have some invested money which I use to top up my Aussie aged pension, I could use some to comply with this new requirement. This fund has mostly given me a return of about 7% each year. If the required Bt 3 million is placed in a Thai bank interest free I would be forfeiting about $9,000 Aus per year or about $180 Aus per week ($140 Us) or about Bt4000 per week Hmmm no thanks!

    This would be a vast increase in the cost of living for rippers in Thailand with some retirement capital, certainly not for cat 1, 2, or for 3 for that matter. Even if you could get some interest on the money in a bank account it would only be about 1.5% at most, This would only bring the cost to you with loss of investment revenue down to about Bt 3000 per week…still no thanks.

    Not many retirees have spare money to throw around like expected with this proposal, all sort of evasion and avoidance schemes will spring up rather quickly. With all this wonderful new news it appears “that devil will be in the detail”.

    Nothing has been said if the present visa options will stay in place or maybe with some variation???? we’ll see.

  4. Is this to replace the current 0-A long stay , with yearly extensions, personally I prefer this type , I don’t want to put 3mil bht , in a thai bank account , and I’ll never get 100,000 a month on my current pension ..
    so my question is will I be able to continue with the current standard , which incidentally I just renewed last month

  5. The following email was sent to Pacific Prime an international Insurance broker about obtaining accident sickness cover that is required with the new 10 year retirement visa. Some 10 selection of some of the largest insurance companies world wide. So far non will provide cover as required by the Thai Government
    To Pacific Prime Insurance Brokers…
    Thank you for your reply…as you may know from this Thursday 1st of December 2016 Thailand is providing what they call a 10 year retirement visa for over 50 Y/O and over. That is 5 year visa with a option for extending to 10 years.

    The requirement details are complex, the details are still to be published. Thai immigration has already announced that to apply for this new Visa applicants must have Accident and sickness medical cover. This must be = to US $ 1000 for outpatients treatment and US $10,000 for in hospital treatment.

    Will you be offering any insurance cover that will satisfy the Thai Government requirements in this matter.

    I am enquiring in this matter for a group of long time residents (farangs) who presently reside in Thailand on current 1 year Retirement Visa.

    Do you have presently have or are you contemplating an accident and sickness policy that would satisfy Thai immigration for applicants who require this type of cover…PS there may be lots.

    The Reply was from Pacific Prime…
    As of right now, we do not have any plans specifically for Thailand to meet only their bare minimum visa requirements. Our company directive is to offer comprehensive coverage to our clients so I’m not sure that this is anything we will have in the near future after the law is put into place either

  6. There is a vast spread between what the Bangkok Post has printed and verified about the new 10 year visa plan and what my personal visit to the Jomtien Immigration Office had to say. I was told that the 10 year visa plan was a hoax. I was sternly encouraged to believe them.
    Who do I believe, The reputable Bangkok Post Or the questionable low ranker at the Immigration Office?
    I am back to square one in not knowing what is going on. Further investigation required.

        1. Yes but my question still remains, does this replace the current long stay 1 year extensions or another option, that’s what concerns me .

  7. Below are 3 different paragraphs from 3 different articles from the internet.

    The first paragraph seems to indicate that the new 10 year visa will replace the 1 year visa.

    The second paragraph is significant of Thai confusion. “Put out a conflicting message that only delivers their unstable thinking”!

    The third paragraph can lead you to think that the 10 year visa could be an alternate option. Who knows for sure?

    1 The Thai government has approved the extension of long-stay visas for senior tourists from one year to ten years. The new visa will cost 10,000 Baht.

    2 It was not made clear whether the “10-year long-stay visa” would replace existing visa options or become a new visa option for people wanting to stay in the country long-term.

    3 BANGKOK, Nov. 22 (Xinhua) — Thai cabinet on Tuesday agreed that the country’s long-stay visa for tourists aged over 50 can be extended to a maximum of 10 years from the current one year, though the visa holder still have to report to immigration police every 90 days.

    The poor attempt of the government delivering an officially confusing announcement is an alarming predicament for many of us expats. I am scheduled to buy a house in January 2017. What do I do? Cancel the purchase and lose my 500,000 baht deposit and repatriate back the USA? I have 1 month to make a committed decision. Who knows when the government will declare the actual result of the confusion they have created! Notwithstanding, the insurance mandate is out of the question also! Where does a 76 year old man buy insurance???

    This whole new visa notion is convoluted, frightening and unsettling.

    As the inflight fly says, “Where do I lite.”

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