Netflix has finally arrived in Thailand

Netflix has finally arrived in Thailand

Netflix Is Now Available Around the World

It has been a long time coming, but Netflix has finally launched in Thailand. Prices start from 280 Baht per month and you can get the first month for free to test it out. So, no longer do you need to pay for a VPN service to access your account in America or Europe. Although the price seems good, it should be noted that you don’t get all of the same content as back home. Nor is there any Thai movies or subtitles yet. Though hopefully some should be added soon. To sign up, just go to The URL will change automatically depending on which country you are in. You then need to enter credit card/debit card or paypal details. Your card won’t be charged until the end of the first month. So, don’t forget to cancel if you don’t want to continue!

World’s Leading Internet TV Service

Netflix made the announcement during a keynote speech at CES 2016. They also went live at the same time. But, it wasn’t just Thailand. Netflix is now available in more than 190 countries. This is the official announcement:

“Today you are witnessing the birth of a new global Internet TV network,” said Hastings. “With this launch, consumers around the world — from Singapore to St. Petersburg, from San Francisco to Sao Paulo — will be able to enjoy TV shows and movies simultaneously — no more waiting. With the help of the Internet, we are putting power in consumers’ hands to watch whenever, wherever and on whatever device.”

For one monthly price, members around the world will be able to enjoy Netflix original series including Marvel’s Daredevil and Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Narcos, Sense8, Grace and Frankie, and Marco Polo, as well as a catalog of licensed TV shows and movies. In 2016, the company plans to release 31 new and returning original series, two dozen original feature films and documentaries, a wide range of stand-up comedy specials and 30 original kids series — available at the same time to members everywhere.

For one monthly price, members around the world will be able to enjoy Netflix

In Thailand there are three plans available. Unlike other streaming services, a higher price doesn’t mean more movies. Everyone gets access to the same content. The difference is the number of screens you can watch at the same time and the quality of the image. The Basic package (280 Baht) is for one screen and the quality is SD. Standard package (350 Baht) is for two screens and the quality is HD. The Premium package (420 Baht) is for four screens and the quality is Ultra HD. It should be noted that not all movies and TV series are available in HD or Ultra HD and that if your Internet is a bit slow you will be switched automatically to a SD image. The best thing to do is sign up for the Premium service for free to test it out. For me, I have had no problems on my computer or the app on my iPad so far.

If you have used Netflix Thailand already, please let me know what you think in the comments below.

43 thoughts on “Netflix has finally arrived in Thailand

  1. I registered today and watched some movies during the day. Great and I am very happy. I chose the Standard Package, as I do not have a 4K Television, and this is what you need for the Premium package. Maige TV is dead and Iflix very slow so far and not so many movies available. I used my smart android TV box Minix U1 and it works great, but every Smart TV will work just fine.

  2. I’ve got at a US Netflix account and a DNS service that allows me to use it.

    Trying out the Thailand one, I had a LOT less content, this may change as they close more deals though.

    The price is about the same as the US one, except you won’t need VPN/DNS tricks and as such you’ll save a little bit of money there.

    Finally it’s very obvious that you’re now closer to the servers, and as such it seems to be easier to reach HD quality streaming wise, usually using the US one (direct with DNS tricks, no VPN), I would get SD, sometimes if lucky 720P, here I got 720P/1080P instantly

  3. I think the day is coming when we no longer need to download torrents. With the launch of netflix we are a step closer. Good price and convenienace easily trumps downloading.

  4. Works very well on my PC/tablet/phone, but my Samsung Smart TV is not smart enough to include a Netflix app. Any suggestions for a suitable box for streaming, available in Thailand? Apple TV version 3 looks like a not too expensive option.

      1. Went out this morning and purchased an Apple TV for 3,600 baht. Elegant, slick HD interface for Netflix, plus some other goodies to play with. Good solution for a Mac user I think.

    1. I currently use an older Xstreamer SideWinder 4 android box that make my old secondary TV smart as well as update it with DVBT2 functionality.
      This box is available for 59 Euro including shipping at This box run Netflix perfectly in HD quality, as well as movies from my media library on a Seagate Personal Cloud disk on my homenetwork.
      You can also attach a HD direct to this box. The box also run the App. World News Live24 which I recommend to everyone that want most of the major English language News channels for free in just one App.
      Xtreamer have newer faster boxes than this one at about double this price. Xtreamer havent updated the firmware for more than a year so my next box will not be a Xtreamer. Minix make good Android boxes and even a Windows box, but my favorite box right now is the Nvidia Shield which is very powerfull if you also want use your box for gaming and it has Chromecast functionality built right in, which means that any apps you can’t locate on Android TV you’ll be able to get on the big screen by casting them from your Android or iOS smartphone and tablet. You can read a review here:

  5. Can’t wait to test out a UHD stream on my Samsung JS9000. I’ve been using vpn and smart dns, and was able to hit 1080p streams for about a month, until it capped at 720/480p.

    Can someone confirm censorship for nudes, smoking and guns?

  6. I tried the UHD package this evening on my 4K LG TV . It takes a while to load ( get suck at 25% for sometime) and then load the UHD movie. I just watched 1st 5 minutes of it but the quality was not even HD ( i am guessing i need to pause the movie for sometime to make the App load the 4K content). I am using wifi to connect to my True 30/3 MBPS plan. I am hoping if i use LAN cable the the quality should go to 4K .
    As for Catalogue its much much less then what i see using American account via VPN.
    Some of the Series which are available on US version are totally missing but i guess since Iflix have right for those they might not even show up for a long time.
    As for censorship i have to look for some nude movie 🙂 to see the difference.

  7. hi forgot a vital question ,does netflix run through pc and then can be played on tv or does netflix connect straight into tv ,do i have to buy a box or does netflix provide a box or no need for box at all ??

      1. You can also connect your phone direct to monitor with the help of micro USB to HDMI converter and MIDI powered HDMI to VGA converter. Easy to connect your phone with Bluetooth keyboard. Check in youtube

  8. I have an LG UHD Smart TV that I purchased in December. I signed up for the Netfix 420 Baht package and it works fine on our Apple computers and tablets. When I try to use it on the TV there is no app for it in the LG app store. I can get the Netflix home page using the browser on the TV and it recognizes my Netflix account and viewing preference. When one tries to play a movie instead of playing the movie it goes to an error screen which states the computer operating systems netflix works with but nothing about using it on a smart tv. The tv’s web browser works fine with all other sites I have tried to use. A Thai friend and I called LG customer service in Thailand and the technician stated maybe an LG app for Netflix in Thailand would be available in April. If anyone has had success using Netflix on an LG TV in Thailand without using a VPN to another country I would appreciate knowing how they were able to get the service to work.

  9. I find it a bit odd that Netflix has launched a local site with such little content.

    I find the accessibility to the app be excellent and image / sound quality are perfectly acceptable. I am using either HP Android tablets connected to various T.V.s via HDMI cables, or Asus phones and tablets connected to the same T.V.s using an Asus Miracast dongle. There is a very slight lag using Miracast, but you only notice if you look at the tablet / phone at the same time as the big screen.


    As a marketing strategy, the free month is OK and I will happily use up my trial period, but if there are no firm commitments from Netflix to heavily increase content by the end of the trial period, I won’t be paying to continue. There is greater content on Google Play Movies in Thailand and that is saying something!

    Either they increase the content rapidly, or this “surprise” early swith on will back fire and they will lose subscribers.

  10. Been using my US Netflix account here for a few years via a DNS proxy and now having problems accessing it. The Thai Neflix content is a pathetic and a complete joke for the price which is almost the same as the US price!

    Very disappointing…..I would buy a Thai account if the content was similar to the US but it’s around 10% of the US content.

    1. As far at I know still Watch the US Netflix with your DNS if you switch to a thai subscribtion, as well as you can see the thai Netflix with your US subscribtion. The US Netflix is by far the best, but do mostly have English titles. I currently have a Danish netflix account and have been able to watch the US Netflix with my Dinish account using the free VPN app Hola. This app also allow you to watch BBC for free and use BBC player even you are not in the UK as other VPN and SmartDNS does.

  11. hi name is ray and really like your comments
    my question is I live in Thailand and I have a Thailand Netflix premium subscription and enjoying my viewing on my LG 79 inch 4K UHDTV using my Smart tv Netflix app also I have the Netflix app on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S with HD display. I keep reading that Netflix US content is far more than Netflix Thailand. currently I have been talking with expressvpn United States. in your opinion do you think I should I get a VPN service?

  12. My problem is I loathe the bloat-ware Android IPTV boxes as the interface with Netflix on it is kludgy and totally unusable without using a mouse, so my Android box is now converted and brilliantly running the highly efficient, superior and fast Pure MX Linux booting straight up into KODI, where I can get all the content I need of course for free with a great user interface too (once mastered) but alas sadly no Netflix KODI add-on available yet. But being free KODI is not always reliable and you need to choose the distant end free servers carefully to find ones that work well to Thailand.

    So with Netflix being at a reasonable and fair non rip off price, I am happy to pay the subscription for the service for my movies and TV series and this way with reliable easy and fast to access Netflix servers located here within Thailand . BUT ONLY PROVIDED I have all or most of the huge content I get on KODI using add-ons like Phoenix and now the new awesome Exodus add-on.

    So I am trying the Netflix Standard package for the free trial month and it works fine on my iPhone 4S, my old iPad 1 and my PC of course. BUT I will not pay if there is stupid censorship of items like guns and kissing, nor if I do not get the full Netflix content as they get elsewhere like in the USA and UK. Netflix’s investment here will be a waste of money for them unless they sort this as very few will accept such a cut back minimal service. However, I do believe they are steadily building content and that is what they tell me they are doing and to be patient as it is a big job to port all the content over to their Thai servers; we shall see how it goes.

    I also want to watch Netflix on my main big screen Samsung Smart TV (model UA46C7000) from the comfort of my sofa, but alas Samsung Thailand are being ‘kickiat” as they still have not made the Smart TV app for it yet despite Netflix telling me they have sent them, and others like LG Thailand, the script framework to compile the needed app for their Samsung Smart TVs system. So it seems Samsung here are being plain stupid as when looking for a new TV I will now need to buy an LG model which DO have the Netflix app on their system as I saw in Power Buy other other day. Also unlike most Samsung TV’s the LG models seem to also all mainly have the 3D function I love, which most Samsung models now do not ????. So Samsung are going to lose a lot of business to LG especially if Netflix is only available on LG Smart TVs and with LG’s hugely superior passive UHD 3D system too.

    So to sum up I will only continue my Netflix Thailand account IF the content is greatly increased and no utterly stupid censorship (or at least a 16 or 18), and I can watch Netflix easily and in HD quality on my Samsung Smart TV. If not then I will cancel after the free trial and maybe re-enable when and if I get an LG Smart TV that has the Netflix app available now here in Thailand, as Samsung Thailand should have too if they have any common sense and business acumen.

    Now I need to contact Netflix help desk again to see if they have kicked Samsung Thailand into action yet for the Netflix Smart TV app.

    1. hi

      live in Thailand. American Expat since 1996. enjoying Netflix on my LG 79 inch 4K UHDTV. the 4K tv channels (Netflix Originals and Series) look great and the 5.1 audio is great also. my tv up scales their HD to Full HD. outstanding. I did do a search and found what the current content that subscribers are enjoying in the United States for $11.99p/month compared what Thailand currently has and the amount is a lot less. maybe in time it y get better for us. sounds like you should upgrade to a LG 4K. the bad thing with LG Webos Smart tv’s they do not support flash player. I have to what my gampassnfl via my PC. my GPU supports 4K so my games are displayed in Full HD. just wanted to pass this on.

    2. You might as well give up now. Netflix will never show the same amount of content here as in the USA, not because they don’t want to, but because licensing restrictions prevent them. (And they don’t get the same Netflix content in the UK either; about 60% of the USA).

      For example, there are Netflix programmes showing on True Visions which True Visions have paid a licence for to screen in Thailand. Netflix can’t just ignore that and add them to their content. Maybe over time they will move content across, but don’t hold your breath.

      I have a Samsung TV. I also have and iphone and ipad. I could junk my TV for an LG, but instead spent less than 4k baht on an Apple TV. Now I can use the Netflix app on my Apple TV; or just use Netflix on one of my mobile devices and then route it to the Apple TV using Air Play.

      In addition, there is an app called Air Video which can be used to pick up video from your computer and route it to the Apple TV via your mobile device.

      I have Unlocator, change your DNS and then specify which Netflix region you want to access. I have the normal DNS on my Apple TV which gives me Thailand Netflix (which of course works quickest). I have Unlocator DNS on my mobile devices. So if we want to watch something that is only on the USA Netflix, I call it up on the iPhone and then route it to the Apple TV using Air Play. So simple!

      1. My Samsung TV died and I picked up an LG 4k with the built-in Netflix app. Upgraded the Netflix service and the 4k offerings look really good.
        No doubt the content is less than in other countries; but there is plenty available, and my (Thai) wife appreciates that the programs are sub-titled (in English). Combine it with Thai Expat TV and there is more available than I could find time to watch!

  13. Gents I am always amazed at people’s naivety. This is Thailand – you’ll never get good diverse content and you’ll never get it uncensored. This is a closed economy with xenophobic leanings, controlled by Thais for Thais. Thais, in any significant numbers, are not interested in quality programming, and they’re certainly not interested in paying license fees for it so that Farangs can watch it. They would prefer you go home. Have you ever watched HBO etc offered by Truevisions as an example? The movies provided are 10+ years old and target 12 year old mentalities. The market is adolescent movies and programming, not serious dramas that push the viewer target past a 14 yr old intellect. Sleep with dogs, wake up with fleas. Live in Thailand, check your intellect at the door… The only descent programming content on offer here is on the History Channel. My guess is it comes very cheap for truevisions. Give it some time and they will likely drop this channel… way too much meaningful content… Peewee Herman shows would fair better.

    1. I am always amazed at people’s assumptions about others. Netflix Thailand content is not censored. The content is not as wide as the USA, but there is plenty of good content available and is is increasing at a rapid rate.

  14. Enjoyed it for a couple of months but I’m going to cancel now there just isn’t enough content on the Thai version to keep watching.

  15. Wow. Are all these guys rocket scientists. As someone who does not understand all the technical talk is there someone who comes to the house and sets all this stuff up for you?

    1. Hello Kev, I had the same thoughts. I just arrived Bangkok this week, moved in my condominium in BKK which has 5 Samsung TV sets in the apartment. Unfortunately they don’t have Netflix apps. I watch films on my laptop which is annoying. I would really like to find an IT genius to come over and inspect my tv’s to see what I need to do (but that 59 euro box that was mentioned earlier in the posts, or just go and by latest Samsung TV with Netflix app installed for 1000 euro?)

      1. My son just spoke about an Amazon fire stick with Kodi software. Once again this is a bit ‘nerdy’ for me but he reckons it gets EVERY program and it’s low cost.
        Probably illegal but everyone in th U.K. has one.
        Anyone know of this system ?

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