How I make yoghurt the easy way

How I make yoghurt the easy way


I’ve wanted to make my own yogurt for a long time now. However, I lack the skill, energy and patience to even to start to work how to do it. A friend of mine gave me some instructions on how to make yogurt from scratch. But, it seemed very time consuming. Which is why I was interested in this Yogurt Maker that I picked up from Central department store last year for 890 Baht. I have looked at others but I went for this one in the end. As it is powered, you don’t need to fuss about getting the right temperature. The milk stays in the carton and so you don’t need to worry about washing up afterwards. I saw some with half a dozen small jars which looked like a lot of hard work.

For this yogurt maker, I used normal plain yogurt from my local 7-Eleven. You need this for the starting culture.  I used plain, but you can also use flavoured yogurt. Greek yogurt is also good but obviously more expensive. I then bought a carton of milk. This fits exactly in the yogurt maker. Or you can transfer it to a plastic container of a similar size. Next, you put in your yogurt. A couple of tablespoons is enough. Give it a good stir. Put on the lid and plug it in. Then wait 8-12 hours. It doesn’t matter if it’s still a little runny as it will thicken a little once it starts to cool down in the fridge. That’s it!

 The taste varies depending on how long you keep it in the yogurt maker. So, experiment with that and also which yogurt you use as the starter. Obviously try and avoid yogurt that is full of sugar, additives and preservatives. When you have a good batch, save the last spoonfuls to start your next batch. It will keep in the fridge for a good week. Although you have the initial outlay of 890 Baht, you will save a lot of money in the long run. It’s so cheap to make yogurt this way as a litre of milk is only 44 Baht. As usual, let me know in the comments below if you have any suggestions for making yogurt or if you use a different machine.

15 thoughts on “How I make yoghurt the easy way

  1. Warm up the milk in a metal pot up to body temperature. Put one spoon of plain yoghurt in it. Close the lid, cover with a towel. Leave it for 12 hours. After that store in the fridge.
    That’s all. No machines. Always worked!

      1. Temperature control – if concerned just keep the pot in the oven (turned off) or any place that won’t get cold too fast. The temperature variance won’t spoil it. Even if you put it in the fridge it will work, but it I’ll take much longer time. Washing the pot – just like washing anything else, like the yoghurt maker 🙂
        Anyways, it always worked for me, as I wrote. You can do the same thing with soy milk. You will get soy yoghurt, fruity is better 🙂

  2. Make your own yogurt by buying a yogurt (thats full of sugar and additives above in the pic) doesn’t make much sense.

    All yogurts are made from milk by fermenting and producing lactic acid. You can buy any store bought one with no sugar like Yolida, its just fermented milk. They claim to be bio or active, it just means they are not pasterized the probiotics they contain are soso. Activa is fermented milk with a bunch of flavour and colouring added that does more harm than good. Why would you not use a plain yogurt and some sativa or coconut palm sugar yourself if you have to use a yogurt to make one?

    Or is this for people who dont earn enough to buy a 20baht yogurt and some honey?

  3. I am led to believe that Yolida contains live culture and therefore is better for making your own yoghurt.

    My approach is much longer. Heat a big carton of milk up to 85 degrees for at least 5 minutes; this clears the milk of certain bacteria that will impede yoghurt culture. Cool to around 45 degrees and mix with a couple of tablespoons of Yolida. Leave for 8-10 hours in a warm place (I put in a thermos jug, wrap in towels and put in the garden shed). Transfer to containers and stick in the fridge.

    I know, too much work!

  4. I have eaten yogurt from dozens of yogurt manufacturers over several decades. One thing they all have in common, is once the container has been opened, separation begins to occur within a day. Even if it has not yet spoiled, yogurt kept for a week would be quite unappealing due to it’s runny texture.

    Has your experience with yogurt making been any different or is it not of significance to you?

    1. To be honest, the yogurt I make doesn’t last me a week 🙂 But they say it can. I’m still experimenting with different yogurts. I don’t live in Bangkok and so I don’t have access to better quality yogurts. But I buy Greek yogurt when I can to make my own batch.

  5. Can I pass on my thanks. There is nothing I like better than gadgets and having a new one for the kitchen is my heaven. I have some yogurt starter that I bought while I was back in the UK and I will give it a go tonight. I will make it both ways and let you know what I think is the best. Thanks again, and I might have to find another kitchen to put all these gadgets in.

  6. Big thanks for writing about this latest gadget that I can’t live without. I have been into yogurt for quite some time and the last time I was in the UK I bought a yogurt starter. I haven’t used it yet since I really couldn’t get excited about messing with the temperatures. This machine is an answer to my prayers. So tonight I will try it with a greek yogurt that I have and next week I will try it with the starter. I will let you the outcome. Also, all yogurts separate over a few days. This is normal, I usually drain off the whey and this makes the yogurt thicker. Central also sells a yogurt drainer that lets you turn a normal yogurt into a yogurt cheese.

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