First Look at Expat Premium TV in Thailand

First Look at Expat Premium TV in Thailand

expat premium tv in Thailand

The number of expat TV services in Thailand has increased a lot lately. First there was ThaiExpatTV and 365Sport which both offer seven days on demand and live TV. Now comes ExpatPremiumTV which is very similar in look and features. So, if you have already used ThaiExpat or 365Sport, then you will already know how reliable and easy to use it is.

For the past week, I have been testing out ExpatPremium on my Android box. This is the same one that I use for all my other online TV services, including iLikeHD. There are also software versions for Windows and Mac which work much the same, but I prefer not tying up my computer to watch TV. At present, they are offering three packages. Entertainment, Sport and a combination of the two. The channels on offer are the same as in the image below.

channel list

To watch, all you have to do is click on the channel of your choice. Unlike iLikeHD, you get to watch what you want over the previous 7 days. So, this means instead of just ten different movies on ten different channels, you get access to potentially hundreds of movies from the past week. And of course, you can also watch from the start, pause, fast forward and also rewind. Next, click on a program title and you then get a summary of the movie.

The server for these channels are here in Thailand and so you don’t need a VPN. And, if you have a speed of at least 3MB, then you won’t need to be concerned about any buffering. My Internet by True has been pretty bad recently. Some days I had to give up on watching iLikeHD as my internet kept dropping out. This meant I had to keep logging back in. But, with ExpatPremium, like ThaiExpat and 365Sport, it just carried on without dropping out. This is because they have a buffer built in.

The Entertainment and Sports packages are 499 Baht each per month or 799 Baht for both of them. My free trial has run out now. I did enjoy it while it lasted and I didn’t experience any problems. I am tempted to subscribe, but I am not sure yet. I will let you know if I decide to sign up. Visit ExpatPremiumTV for more information.

12 thoughts on “First Look at Expat Premium TV in Thailand

  1. I have also trial for 7 days and i did have some buffer initially but its fine now. The only problem I have is do i really need to pay another 500 per month for the entertainment package?
    This is a great idea but expat TV and Expatpremium should come up with 1 price for all the channels. To now have 2 payments and 2 log ins is totally off putting. This is a mistake, its the same company but should be 1 package for all.

    1. I am not sure if it is the same company, though I agree they are all using the same software that has been especially built for this service. When I first saw the email about Expat Premium I thought it was another package being offered by ThaiExpat. It would have made sense for them to do that. So, I agree from the point of view that it is getting expensive if you want to watch everything. At the moment I use ThaiExpat the most. My subscription for Expat Premium has finished. I did like having the movies on demand but I am not sure if I can justify the extra expense. Plus, I can get over 2,000 Movies on Demand from iLike HD for only 200 Baht per month. ExpatPremium is 499 Baht per month. I am still thinking about it.

  2. Thanks for your information as always. Does this work on a smart TV or do you need to buy the Android box? I don’t want to watch on my laptop.

  3. First I took the free trial and then I paid for 1 month. I have a lot of problems with freezing of the image. Impossible to watch a movie because of the continuous freezing of the image, every 2 minutes and from time to time it repeats the same sequence for minutes. The helpdesk is completely useless, they only tell you to reboot … great help. I use also and this works like a charm, no problems at all and very very stable. I will certainly not renew the Expat Premium, I do not want to pay more to look at a frozen image… and no it is not the same company.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. So, it was alright during the one week trial period? During my trial period I had no problem. I had it running in the background for much of the day. I haven’t renewed the subscription so I cannot tell what it is like at the moment. If your ThaiExpat subscription is working then it would suggest that the problem is with ExpatPremium.

  4. The trial period was only 2 days but they gave me 2 more days because of to the problems with the freezing image. After that I paid only for 1 month because the problems were not gone 100% and I wanted to give it another try.
    My ThaiExpat works perfect, like clockwork.
    So I also conclude that the problem is not on my side but on their side. The only help or solution there offer is to reboot !!! What a joke.
    When I wrote them this kind of solution does not suffice they pointed out that I can get a refund with no questions asked.
    As far as I am concerned this is a serious lack of respect for the customer, they really think we are idiots.
    This morning it is a bit better, the freezing happens only every 5-6-7 minutes or so. So I am playing around with the settings of my router and the settings of the android box.

    So it is not the same company as ThaiExpat but they used the same software developer.

    If you want I will keep you updated.

    1. Yes please. Keep us updated. When they first launched they offered 7 days free trial. But looks like this is now only two days. But, at least you get a free trial. Some people don’t offer that. Plus it is good you don’t need to buy a special box to watch unlike other streaming services. So, they have a 30 day money back guarantee? Good if they do.

  5. I have been testing ExpatPremium again for the last few days or so. I did sometimes get a freezing of image for a second or two before it continued, but not enough for it to spoil my enjoyment. When things like this happen, it is sometimes difficult to know which end is having the problem. However, I do know my internet has been pretty bad recently with frequent dropouts. Not only does this make it sometimes difficult to watch ExpatPremium, but also ThaiExpat too. However, the last two days were good and I was able to watch ExpatPremium without any disruptions. I have it on in the background at the moment.

    Whether you sign up is obviously your choice. iLikeHD is cheaper and has more channels, but it fails miserably in two areas. When your internet drops out you are then logged out. With ExpatPremium, nine times out of ten it will continue. iLikeHD has all the same movie channels and more plus the sport but the problem is, it is all live. And so you are limited to what you can watch. With ExpatPremium you have 7 days on demand and so you can watch the start of any movie you like.

    At the moment, they have a special promotion until 30 September 2015. Use the promo code INTRO to get 3 months of the movies and sports channels for only 999 Baht. That works out at only 11 Baht per day. Get the free trial today if you haven’t tested it out yet. But, be quick. Click here.

  6. The 999 baht 3 months offer is great. Well worth the money.

    I have not had any issues watching it from a pc plugged into a tv and streaming is so good that most of the time I forget that I am not watching True.

    I also have an ilikehd subscription for movies and that is also great value but buffers more often than expatpremiumtv. Generally though I can’t complain at the options and prices. I am not quite ready to get rid of True but it’s not that far away.

  7. I was wondering on the premier package what sport is available I enjoy the EPL and Championship as well as the Guinness Pro 12 rugby, Aviva Premiership Rugby as well as Internationals, I assume from what You guys have said this is a different outfit from expat tv where I get english tv??

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