Day Trip to Samut Prakan

Day Trip to Samut Prakan

I've lived in Samut Prakan province for over twenty years now. When friends come to visit I like to put on my tour guide cap and take them on a trip to see some “Unseen Thailand”. The day trip this weekend was to see a temple that is surrounded by the sea at high tide. It's possible to do this trip yourself but it's a little difficult if you don't speak any Thai. Start at Paknam Market and catch a ferry to the other side. Then take the large blue songtaew to these destinations. For the temple island, you need to also take a boat taxi. As usual, I have mapped all of these locations over on Thailand Photo Map.


5 thoughts on “Day Trip to Samut Prakan

  1. Dear Richard,

    I cannot recall how I landed on you mailing list but am certainly glad I did. Your interesting travel blogs create a world of opportunity for travel, many fortunately in close proximity to BKK. I addition the pieces of information you share that are helpful to farang inThailand are much appreciated.

    We reside in BKK 6 months a year , then balance of the year in San Francisco where we are currently. I look forward starting in Nov when we return to Thailand to taking some of the trips you have written about.

  2. I did this trip three years ago (after reading your recommendation) and I loved it. After the visit we found a taxi that took us to Phra Chulachomklao Fort with its Navy boat. A great day.

  3. Dear Richard,
    Although it’s been 2 years since your visit to Wat Khun Samut Chin, could you please tell me more about the temple, the people there, what they do, their life style and the atmosphere of that place? I am an architecture student and want to do a project based there. Thank you

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