Day Trip to Samut Prakan

Day Trip to Samut Prakan

I've lived in Samut Prakan province for over twenty years now. When friends come to visit I like to put on my tour guide cap and take them on a trip to see some “Unseen Thailand”. The day trip this weekend was to see a temple that is surrounded by the sea at high tide. It's possible to do this trip yourself but it's a little difficult if you don't speak any Thai. Start at Paknam Market and catch a ferry to the other side. Then take the large blue songtaew to these destinations. For the temple island, you need to also take a boat taxi. As usual, I have mapped all of these locations over on Thailand Photo Map.


4 thoughts on “Day Trip to Samut Prakan

  1. Dear Richard,

    I cannot recall how I landed on you mailing list but am certainly glad I did. Your interesting travel blogs create a world of opportunity for travel, many fortunately in close proximity to BKK. I addition the pieces of information you share that are helpful to farang inThailand are much appreciated.

    We reside in BKK 6 months a year , then balance of the year in San Francisco where we are currently. I look forward starting in Nov when we return to Thailand to taking some of the trips you have written about.

  2. I did this trip three years ago (after reading your recommendation) and I loved it. After the visit we found a taxi that took us to Phra Chulachomklao Fort with its Navy boat. A great day.

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