Farewell Ride for Airport’s Green Cycle Track

Farewell Ride for Airport’s Green Cycle Track


The Green Lane around Suvarnabhumi Airport has proved to be very popular with cyclists who live in Bangkok. The 23 kilometer long lane was often crowded at the weekends with both hobby cyclists and those training for racing. It proved so popular that it is now time for them to upgrade the facilities. This includes a new lane for slower cyclists, restrooms and snack shops. The Green Lane is due to be closed for four months from June to September 2015.


This weekend will be your last chance to ride the Green Lane. “Farewell Ride to Green Lane” will take place from 6-7 June 2015 from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. The event is sponsored by AOT and Siam Commercial Bank. There will be special events and prizes for participants. Celebrity riders are also expected to attend. If you go, you will also be able to learn about what is planned for the cycle lane.

7 thoughts on “Farewell Ride for Airport’s Green Cycle Track

  1. Are you sure about that? My gf said the Thai sign that is posted at the track says it is closing July 8th and re-opening in October. I was surprised because I had heard it was closing in June.

  2. Do you know If the airport expresstrain will be up and running again or is It shut down for good? This was the Only option to go bicycle at suvarnabhumi from downtown Bangkok

      1. From well informed circles: express trains can’t run until ARL receives refinance, some stock is used to cannibalize for spare parts to make city line continue running, as no funds to purchase any spare parts

  3. Hope they don’t ruin. One bathroom at the beginning of the trail should be enough, IMO. Snack shop? Pleeaaase. The loop is only 23km.

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