How to get ThaiExpatTV for free for 7-365 days

How to get ThaiExpatTV for free for 7-365 days


Over the past year I have been trying a number of different online streaming services to watch television. Although many of these have been good (lately I have been watching iLikeHD and PrimeTime) they never seem to be as reliable as ThaiExpatTV. Whenever these other services start buffering too much, I always switch to ThaiExpat which hardly ever fails me. Yes, I know the selection of TV channels and movies are not as good as other services, but as a Brit abroad, I like having the TV on in the background and catching up on my soaps, talk shows and local news. What can I say? I miss hearing the British accent! And with 10 day catch-up, I can watch at a time convenient to my busy schedule.


If you have already signed up for ThaiExpatTV then you know how good it is. Now, there is a way to tell your friends about it and you can earn free subscription packages in return. Normally newcomers can test out the streaming service by signing up for a two day free trial. However, if you send your friend an invitation with a special link, they will get a SEVEN day free trial. If they then buy a subscription, you will earn yourself “1 point”. Once you have two points you get 1 month of free premium service. The more points you earn the more months you get for free. Twelve points will earn you one year of premium service for free.

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