5 thoughts on “Watch NFL Super Bowl XLIX in #Thailand on 365Sport

  1. Thanks Richard…..I didn’t know anyone to ask on the Super Bowl since the few people I know are Thai, and not too much into the Super Bowl. And since I’m staying out by the lake in Udon Thani, not many Thai’s speak English either. Still haven’t figured that out with so many English speaking foreigners here, but fewer from the U.S. Nevertheless, the near perfect weather makes up for a lot, as do your newsletters. Thanks again.

    1. Thank you very much for your reply Richard. My university, University of Iowa, will play Stanford in the 2016 Rose Bowl tomorrow, and I’d sure like to watch it. Could you recommend a hotel or bar? Thank you for your reply…

  2. how do you find 365Sport Channel 10? I have tried both. Nothing. Can see the game (I think) on UBC 683 or 666 in Thai language

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