How to watch the 6 Nations Rugby Tournament in Thailand

How to watch the 6 Nations Rugby Tournament in Thailand

6 Nations Rugby Tournament

The Six Nations rugby tournament kicks off tonight at the Millennium Stadium with Wales playing England. The match starts at 8:05pm GMT which is 3:05am in Thailand. The majority of matches are being played on BBC 1 HD without any advertisements. Pre-match analysis starts at 2am on BBC2 with the coverage continuing on BBC One at 2:30am. There are a number of paid services in Thailand that allow you to subscribe to watch these channels. The best in my opinion is ThaiExpatTV. They now have 14 day catch up so you can watch when you wake up. 365Sport are also showing the matches on their Channel10 live and on catch-up. A new Internet service I’m presently testing out is iLikeHD which has live BBC 1 HD programmes as well as many sports channels. For the latter you pay only 30-50 Baht for a few hours if you don’t want a month long subscription.

If you know any more channels in Thailand showing the matches, including sports bars, please post in the comments below.

The following times are all GMT which is 7 hours behind Thailand:

Round 1
Feb. 6: Wales vs. England — 8:05pm, Millenium Stadium
Feb. 7: Italy vs. Ireland — 2:30pm, Stadio Olimpico
Feb. 7: France vs. Scotland — 5pm, Stade de France

Round 2
Feb. 14: England vs. Italy — 2:30pm, Twickenham
Feb. 14: Ireland vs. France — 5pm, Aviva Stadium
Feb. 15: Scotland vs. Wales — 3pm, Murrayfieldbein

Round 3
Feb. 28: Scotland vs. Italy — 2:30pm, Murrayfield
Feb. 28: France vs. Wales — 5pm, Stade de France
March 1: Ireland vs. England — 3pm, Aviva Stadium

Round 4
March 14: Wales vs. Ireland — 2:30pm, Millennium Stadium
March 14: England vs. Scotland — 5pm, Twickenham
March 15: Italy vs. France — 3pm, Stadio Olimpico

Round 5
March 21: Italy vs. Wales — 12:30pm, Stadio Olimpico
March 21: Scotland vs. Ireland — 2:30pm, Murrayfield
March 21: England vs. France — 5pm, Twickenham

3 thoughts on “How to watch the 6 Nations Rugby Tournament in Thailand

  1. Hi Richard , I got ilikehd 2 days ago & am very pleaed with it , but it does not have catch-up , so I will have to get up at 03:00 Sat to watch Wales vs. England . It is on BBC 1 & I cannot find if they do a re-run of the game . I am a big fan of Rugby League . The team I supported when living in UK was St Helens , they play Catalan Dragons same k.o. time as the 6 nations game , but the difference is SKY re-run this game at 09:00 . Ilikehd is great & only 350 bht for 30 days .

    1. I cannot see any repeats listed. The guys at iLikeHD said they plan on having catch-up but not yet. ThaiExpat has catch-up. You could try their free two day trial in the morning so you get to see at the least the weekend matches. You can watch it on your computer so no need to buy their Android box.

  2. I am just visiting but have an app on my phone called FilmOn TV. I see the England match is showing on BBC tonight so can watch using that app. Best of all its free

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