How to watch ICC 2015 Cricket World Cup in Thailand

How to watch ICC 2015 Cricket World Cup in Thailand


Some good news for cricket fans in Thailand. You will be able to watch all matches in the ICC 2015 Cricket World Cup on 365Sport. You can watch them either live or on catch-up. This is handy as some weekend matches are being shown at the same time. The opening game between England and Australia is on Saturday at 10:30am Thai time. There are two cricket matches a day – one will be shown live and the other one will be delayed.


You can watch 365Sport on multiple platforms with a single subscription login. Cross platforms between: Windows PC / Mac Computer / iPad / iPhone / Android mobile devices and set top boxes. For more details and to subscribe, click here.

For present subscribers, to view the ICC 2015 Cricket World Cup you will need to update your software player to the latest version. Please uninstall the new version from the link below that is compatible for your computer:

Mac OS X 10.7+:

Windows Vista, 7 & 8:

Windows XP:

Please note, there are 2 sets of channel numbers 1 – 4 available in this new player. This is due to a new offering of both a HD quality and a lower quality broadcast of these channels to compensate for anyone suffering internet bandwidth issues.

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6 thoughts on “How to watch ICC 2015 Cricket World Cup in Thailand

  1. All the cricket W.C. is also being covered on Sky sports 2 starting today N.Z.vs Sri Lanka . Tomorrow 10:00 a.m. Eng vs. Aus . So anyone with ilikehd can watch as well .

  2. Hi Richard just a comment about chrome , I have had nothing but trouble since I started using it as my provider it literally took over my computer , it blocked access to ILIKEHD saying it was dangerous . I have now removed it & touch wood all seems to be ok again .

      1. Hi Richard for me there is something that is not right about the ILIKEIT site my laptop is well secured with McAfee etc , the way I get on to their site is log on to ilikehd I then get all sorts of pop ups warning me the site is not safe but I click on allow . Google Chrome does not recognise the site . How do you get on to the ilikeit site .

  3. Hi ……….. I am living in Cha-am and want to watch the cricket wcf on my macbook air (latest software updates) I followed the link to 365 sport on details and how to subscribe, but none of the channels that they list (1-6) mention cricket !!

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