Watch 200 Channels for Free on True Digital HD

Watch 200 Channels for Free on True Digital HD


TrueVisions has recently launched a new set-top box that might be of interest to people with Thai families. The box is called True Digital HD and plugs into your present satellite dish. If you , like me, have stopped subscribing to TrueVisions, they usually leave you with the satellite dish. At the moment I have the free TrueLife box plugged into this dish. Now comes this new HD quality version with more channels on offer. If you have CKU-Band you will get 200 channels and if you habe KU-Band you will get 88 channels. I have checked out their website but there is no comprehensive list of what channels you get. Though it is bound to be the usual plus the new digital channels. On their promo they are advertising 9 HD channels.

The box plugs into your TV using either a HDMI lead or the regular AV cables for older televisions. There is also a USB slot on the back so you can plug in an external hard drive. This can then apparently play the following video formats: MKV, AVI, DIVX, XVID, MOV, VOB, FLV, DAT, MPEG, MPG, MP4 and TS. In addition it can play MP3 and WMA as well as picture formats such as JPEG, BMP and PNG.


On their website, they detail a number of different packages that you can top up every month (see here). These range from 90 Baht per month for three extra channels (Sports, Movie and Variety) or 150 Baht per month for a combo package of all three of those. Apart from the sport, not much of interest to foreigners. However, they do have some more packages such as Happy Family HD with 117 channels for 300 Baht per month, Smart Family HD with 143 channels for 490 Baht per month and Sports Family HD with 125 channels for 590 Baht per month. For those last three packages I cannot see any channel lists.

However, don’t rush to add these packages as you get some of them for free when you purchase the box. You get the 9 channels in the Sports, Movie and Variety packages for free for six months (worth 1,620 Baht). You also get True Film, True X-Zyte and True Movie Hits free for 12 months (worth 3,600 Baht).

You can buy the True Digital HD set-top box from your local 7-Eleven for only 1,690 Baht. This includes the box, HDMI and AV cables and power leads. You also get a member card that you can use to top up or buy new packages at 7-Eleven. I am considering to buy this box and if I do I will bring you a more in-depth review later. In the meantime, if you already have True Digital HD then please leave comments below.

8 thoughts on “Watch 200 Channels for Free on True Digital HD

      1. With True Platinum you can watch on Channel 7 (Thai Channel 5) but our electric just went out! Starts at 9am.

  1. Just checked those 3 packages you mentioned and you can get those on “rent” truevisions at same price too. And the 155b box rent is in package price. And that’s better deal because if the box go broken,you get new for free. When you buy it for you, you buy new if broken.

    And one more plus, you can upgrade package for gold or platinum even for one month if you like.

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