Trip to Loei – Day 1

Trip to Loei – Day 1

For the next few days I’m in the Northern province of Loei. The slogan for this province is “City of the Sea of Mountains, Coldest Place in Siam, and Beautiful Flowers of Three Seasons”. That about sums it up. It’s a great place to come this time of year. But dress warmly as its cold at night.

8 thoughts on “Trip to Loei – Day 1

  1. Hi Richard,
    I would really like to make this years Phi Ta Khon festival & wondered when you have visited the festival previously, did you stay in Dan Sai or travel in from Loei? If from Loei, would it make sense to hire a car?
    Many thanks!

    1. I was on a media trip and so everything was arranged. It is not one of the easiest places to visit, made even worse at that time of year by the large number of tourists. I know we had to stay outside of Dan Sai because of availability of rooms. I do plan to return by myself and spend more time at the festival – in particular the reparations the day before. I would consider renting a car from the airport and staying as near to Dan Sai as I can find. Not sure yet if I will go this year or next.

      1. Hi Richard,
        Thank you very much for the info. As I missed it last year, think I am going to brave the crowds this year & probably renting a car & staying outside of Dan Sai would be (a little) easier!

  2. Hi Richard!
    I’m planning to visit Loei in Nov for 2 nites, maybe a nite a Chiang Khan via bangkok. Which airlines would u recommend me to fly?
    Is moving around easy?
    Which place/accommodation would you recommend?
    Safe for solo traveller?
    Is the Kitty Resort permanently closed? Can’t find the link to make a booking.

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