First Look at iLikeHD Internet TV in Thailand

First Look at iLikeHD Internet TV in Thailand


There are more options these days for watching television in Thailand. Gone are the days that TrueVisions dominated the market. Thanks to the speeding up of the Internet and online streaming, we no longer need to buy a satellite dish or subscribe to cable television to watch what we want. Online TV, or IPTV, is the future of our entertainment whether it be live TV stations from around the world or Video on Demand (VOD) streaming. The latest service I am going to review today is ILikeHD.



There are a number of different packages you can buy. These range in length from only two hours up to one month. The more packages you buy in one go, the bigger the discount you get. What I’m going to do today is to give you a “first look” review of the service. Basically telling you what you get and what to expect to pay. For the purpose of this review I bought all three packages. Video on Demand movies for 200 Baht, Thai Language Live TV for 250 Baht and English Language Live TV for 350 Baht. By buying all three at once I only had to pay 550 Baht which gives me one month to test everything fully. But, so far I am impressed with the speed and the interface.


On the home screen, you get to see a button for all of the Thai channels and another for the English channels. There are then various categories. Such as sport, children, documentary, news, music, variety and entertainment.  There is also a button for current popular channels. At the moment the top 5 channels are Fox Movies Premium HD, Fox Sports HD, Fox Action Movies HD, HBO HD and Ch. 3. In the screenshot above, I clicked on “children”. As you can see, the first two are Disney XD and Disney XD (UK). This basically means that the first one is in Thai and the second in English. If you only subscribed to the English package you wouldn’t get to see the Thai version and vice versa.


The list of channels available is very extensive. There are a lot of movie channels like HBO and SKY. There are also news channels like CNN and BBC. And then the documentary channels like Discovery Channel and National Geographic. For children there is Disney Channel, Discovery Kids and Nickelodeon.  What many people would be interested in are the many sports channels. Like CTH Stadium, Fox Sports, Sky Sports and BT Sports. I think nearly every sport should be represented. If you are a soccer fan then you should be well covered here. However, unlike ThaiExpatTV and 365Sport, you don’t get on demand TV. Which means you have to watch all the games live.


In addition to the two Live TV packages that I bought, I also got Video on Demand for 200 Baht. I basically have one month to watch about 1,500 movies in their catalogue. They also have TV Series. This is a new feature and so they only have about 100 titles and mainly season 1 for now. However, they plan to add many more soon. They also have about 150 adult movies in HD and 300 in SD. They say they usually update VOD once a week on Mondays. Usually about 40-60 movies a month.  I should have mentioned before that these screenshots are from my Android box. There are two different “iLikeHD” apps you can download in the Play Store. Their icons are at the top of this page. One is for Live TV and the other for VOD. At the end of March 2015 they plan to launch a brand new app with new features that will combine all their packages in one. They also have movie players you can download for Mac OSX and Windows. For iPad they suggest using the Safari browser. However, they hope to launch an iOS app later.


In the Video on Demand app, the first screen gives you front cover shots of the latest movies. You also get a chance to sort them by popular this week, all-time favourites and various categories. The categories include: Action/adventure, comedy, drama/romance, children/family, sci-fi/fantasy etc. There is also a category for Thai movies. Not that many, but good to see that some have English subtitles. When you click on the movie that you want, you get another screen with a synopsis and a trailer for you to watch. You can also choose to use an external movie player and also the quality of the video. This is useful if you are playing on a mobile device or if your internet is a bit slow. All of this can be set as defaults in your setting.


Like I said, I’ve only been using it for a couple of days now and so will do a more thorough review a month or so later. However, I am impressed with the speed and quality so far. When I opened the Live TV app and clicked on different channels, it was amazing how quickly they started playing. Even the HD channels. It was almost like watching cable TV. There were a few channels that didn’t seem to work but the majority were reliable. It is also nice to have all the Thai TV stations including the new digital ones. If you are British you will like that it has all the BBC and ITV channels as well as Sky TV and a lot more. In fact, the English language package apparently has 331 channels and the Thai package has 348 channels. Though one thing I miss is TV catch-up. It is not easy to watch live TV when UK prime time TV is when we are sleeping. But, apparently they have plans for a 3-day catch-up service for some of their channels soon.


There doesn’t seem to be a free trial. But you can get a 2 hour pass for only 30 Baht. With that you get to see all 679 channels. (Please note some channels are the same but there will be a Thai audio version and an original soundtrack version). There is also a 3 hour pass for 40 Baht and a 5 hour pass for 50 Baht. Not bad if you want to test it out. Click here to sign up for free. Then buy “points” with either True money at 7-Eleven, Paypal, credit card or bank deposit. I used paypal and got my credit straight away. Next you buy the packages you want with your credit. Like I said before, the more you buy the more discounts you get. I think I have covered everything for now. If you already have iLikeHD then please post your experience in the comments below.  In the next few days I will be doing a “first look” blog of the MrSkyTV box which is similar but has catch up TV.

231 thoughts on “First Look at iLikeHD Internet TV in Thailand

  1. Hi Richard. Good blog and follow up info too. I was wondering if the sky sports is in HD or SD as it’s not clear from their website. I would like to see the footie and cricket but SD on my big tv is not good enough for anything moving fast in my opinion.

  2. Great article! I live in Thailand.

    I see no option to pay via PayPal?

    Can i watch the channels OUTSIDE of Thailand in Mexico or USA for example??

    1. If you are looking for alternative lIve TV options do NOT subscribe to “I LIKE HDTV”. The service is appalling with constant streaming, unavailable programs in the packages, a non existant customer service and constant blackouts. 50% of my sports channels do not work, those that do are constantly interrupted and the customer service contact does not exist. This has to be the most disgusting rip off for TV that I have come across. Even worse than True and thats difficult to beat!

      1. Hello Mike,

        I am sick of the criticism of True ; it may date back to when their service was poor but, in recent times, the only concrete issue has been their slow refund policy when subscribers cancel. I am very impressed with their professionalism ( by Thai standards ) and when they add two HD channels to cover 2 tables concurrently in the World Snooker championship I am so very impressed. Golf, tennis, rugby, snooker, badminton, formula one etc. etc. are given blanket coverage and they are only let down by the advertisement interruptions from the Fox feed. Their PVR is superbly designed and works a treat now that their programme guide is reasonably up-to-date. If they get the UK Premier League ( from Setanta Asia ) then I am sure they will do it justice unlike the CTH clowns.

        1. Hello Mike,
          I respectfully have to disagree with you regarding ILIKEHD. I use them for over 1 1/2 years now without to many problems. Use 3BB fiber with 100 Mbps download. Last Sunday I tried to watch Tour de France but picture kept freezing. So I contacted helpdesk ILIKEHD ( and within 5 minutes they replied. Solution was simple: change ISP A to ISP Europe. After the change picture worked fine for the remainder of the time. So in case you face similar problems please try change ISP (options are ISP A, ISP B, ISP C, ISP D and ISP Europe). Hope this helps.


      2. I dont agree with one word that Mike Masters has written re – i have been using this Facility in various Locations in Thailand and personally i have nothing but praise for the Service and Facility – i have had very very little interuption due to Streaming – the Response from the Customer Service Centre is First Class – the availability of Programs is outstandingly good – i would suggest that Mike Masters examines his own Equipment and throws the obvious Sub- Standard Items in the Bin ASAP – i would also suggest he looks at a of a Good Internet Provider, a Good Wifi Provider, a Decent Television etc. etc.- he is certainly not on the same Wave Length as I am – it really sounds as if he should stop criticising and buy some decent equipment forthwith – i have never seen such an amount of absolute Crap in all my life – i would really sugges that Mike Masters grows up and learns to use what he has been given – Grow Up Mike – Stop Fabricating Stories and watch a VeryGood Service

      3. Hi Mike
        I use Ilikehd and I find it to be very good with perfect audio visual and most excellent customer support
        I live in the countryside 20 kilometers outside of Buriram town and I use a Samsung smart tv which connects directly to the LAN cable, the cheapest TOT internet connection at 531 baht / month
        I am puzzled as to why you are having such a bad experience
        Are you able to give more details of your set up?

        1. I have been using ILIKEHD now for about two years & do believe it is great value for money. It depends on the strength of signal . but usually I get all the SKY sports channels , & the NRL from Setanta Asia . When you think it only costs 250bht for 30 days I reckon it is well worth it. I am going back to live in UK shortly , God knows how much I will have to pay if I want Sky . I can even watch Liverpools friendly games on LFCtv It means getting up at 01:30 tomorrow if I want to watch the Huddersfield game live , but I can lie in & watch the re-run at 09:00 . My only complaint is I cannot get ILIKEHD in UK .

          1. to Brian D – you can’t get it in the UK because it is illegal. When I want to see one of the few sports not shown on True ( like cricket or Le Tour de France ) I never fail to find a free Internet stream but it takes a lot of fiddling and advert removal sometimes and the picture quality is variable. This is probably illegal too but I am not paying for a service that will be shut down by the copyright enforcers at my expense.

          2. Hi Brian B,
            Are you sure ilikehd is illeagal ? I doubt it is illeagal in Thailand simply because of it’s prominence and their suppy of channels could easily be cut off
            It would not be licensed in the UK because the channels it supports such as Sky BT Fox and others are subscription based but those channels are not available in Thailand
            I had assumed that ilikehd pays the channels they support a fee
            There seems to be a connection betweem True and ilikehd, I am thinking of the truevoucher available at 7/11used for payment and I would be surprised if true are connected with an illegal organisation
            These are my toughts I have no proof one way or the other, do you?

          3. That’s why so many people are using a VPN these days… doesn’t matter where you are geo-wise and which country your internet subscription originates from.

      4. Id have to somewhat agree with you, others commented back but I also been using Ilike HD almost 2 years now. I feel like their service was better before then now. The prices are more expensive now but where is the better value? I found channels I used to watch are gone like ASN, trying to watch some sports I have to reload the channel maybe 10-15 times in 2 hours which can be very annoying when im watching on my tv I have to get up and reload from the pc. And it is not the server problem, i tried using every one.. It is only an issue on some of the channels which is a problem on the remote end.

        I have told them of this issue 2 months ago and there is no change in the streaming problem with that channel. I watch football, but I like other sports as well the sports packages are about 90% for football.

        Besides Live tv, the Series and movies packages are worth it though.

  3. Richard, Thank you for that. I have been trying to book the ilikehd program but because I had looked at it before, when I try to register, which is a requirement, all I get is “We already have your number on file” and I can get no further?

  4. Richard
    I have just bought iLikeHD TV box but there’s no instructions.
    Is there a user manual I can download
    Many thanks

  5. I tried it for a while, but found their website to be extremely badly organized, with illogical navigation and user unfriendly.
    Added to that, Paypal payment no longer accepted, and the pay by 7/11 voucher didn’t work either. Would I trust it? NO

  6. Hello Richard,
    Just wondering what quality of an Android box top do i need for this..i see them advertised from 700baht to 6000baht.
    I know you get what you pay for these days, but do i really need an expensive top of the line box to get good results?
    Thanks for this blog and your info.

    1. Dear Mark,
      I have used ilikehd on a Samsung smart tv and a Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet and it is excellent on both
      Smart tv’s these days are getting relativly inexpensive and with superb picture and sound quality. Have you considerdd getting one in preference to using a box top with an older tv ?

      1. Hi Paul,
        Thanks for your reply….I do have a fairly new Samsung smart tv now.
        Am i wrong in presuming that i do indeed need a android box top to operate iLikeHD on my TV?

        1. Dear Mark,
          With a smart tv you do not need an android box
          Access ilikehdtv using the web browser on the tv, you will need to register and pay them some money which they bank and which you draw on as required
          I find it easy to buy true money at 7/11 and with the voucher there is a number which you give ilkehd when you are online
          Your account is then credited with the full ammount you paid 7/11 no commissokn is taken
          I have used ilike hd for over a year now and I find it to be very good with excellent picture and sound quality

          1. Hi Mark,
            Once you are registered remember ilikehd has an excellent customers relation team which responds to email enquires fully and quickly, frequently the same day

  7. Just saw a live game on Ilikehd. It was pretty much unwatchable. In fact every time I go to watch a live game I have the same experience. At this stage I just don’t trust it. It’s ok for movies and series and I have a very good connection. It’s all down to contention meaning the amount of traffic and they fall down very badly with live streaming. This suggests that they do not have the required level of bandwidth, meaning they are not willing to pay for it, leading to the conclusion that they are doing it on the cheap. So, no I would not trust them but I don’t really have another choice where I currently reside.

    1. Hi Conor,
      I watch streaming football with ilikehd on the outskirts of Buriram and I have very good aufio and visual
      Try it on the lower definition, it is less demanding on the internet connection and contact the company, they are very helpful and quick to respond

  8. Hi Richard,

    I think they do not have a player for Mac OS. I contacted them regarding this and they said there isn’t any player for Mac. The web player works ok Mac but subtitles doesn’t. 🙁 Great Blog nonetheless

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