First Look at Hollywood HDTV, a Video on Demand service in Thailand

First Look at Hollywood HDTV, a Video on Demand service in Thailand


For the past few weeks I have been testing out a new Video on Demand service in Thailand called “Hollywood HDTV”. In many ways it is our version of Netflix without regional restrictions. So, if you want to get access to videos and don’t want to pay for a Netflix account as well as a VPN to hide your IP address, then Hollywood HDTV is your answer. Better still, their servers are here in Thailand and so I haven’t experienced any buffering at all. Admittedly, these are not new movies, nor are there any TV series available yet, but a month’s subscription is actually cheaper than watching one movie at the cinema. And with Hollywood HDTV you get about 350 foreign and Thai movies with 50 new ones added every month.


My experiences so far have been with mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad, an Android box and on my PC computer. For Apple and Android smartphones there are dedicated apps which you can download  for free. You can do that now and browse what movies they have on offer this month (search for Hollywood HDTV). You can start watching on your iPhone on your way home from work and then switch to iPad which is automatically synched to your last viewing point. If you want to watch it with your family you can throw it onto the big screen via an Apply TV or an HDMI adaptor cable for your iPad. If you have an Android box plugged into your TV, you can use that instead with the Android app. All devices are synched to your account. However, you can only use one at a time.


The home page is sorted into different categories such as horror, Sci-Fi, Action, Blockbusters, Drama, Oscar Winners and Thai Movies. There is also a section for Editor’s Pick, Movies Just Added and also one for movies Leaving this Month. You can also search for certain movies, actor’s names or even just keywords such as “action”. This then gives you recommendations as well as stars and directors with that keyword. Clicking on a movie you get to see a synopsis and list of cast. It also tells you what audio is available (English or Thai) and the subtitles. Unfortunately, none of the Thai movies have English subtitles. For all Hollywood movies you can watch in the original language.  So far I haven’t seen any blurred or censored scenes.  If you don’t want to watch a movie yet, just click Add to My Theater to get easy access later on all your devices.


Overall I have been very pleased with what I have seen so far. Yes, I know it doesn’t have any new movies, but there are a lot of good old ones which are worth watching again. At the moment, they have three packages you can buy. The first one is 199 Baht for 30 days. Then for 1,190 Baht you get 180 days and for 2,380 Baht you get 360 days. For some reason the yearly subscription is only 8 Baht cheaper than if you pay monthly. But be aware, the normal monthly price is 299 Baht. Since its launch the “special” price has been 199 baht per month. I have no idea if they intend to increase this later. But, I did hear that they plan to add TV series next year. Please note, Hollywood HDTV is only available to subscribers inside Thailand. Their website can be found at:

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    1. If your smart TV has a web browser than I cannot see why not. Though, if you have an Android box plugged into your TV you might find the app a bit better. These cost on average 3,500 Baht but the cheapest I have is 1,395 Baht and 1,999 Baht. Email sent.

  1. Hi Richard,
    Please send me a code.
    Thanks for all you do! I am a frequent traveler to Thailand. I find the information you post invaluable.
    Regards, Brian

    1. Yes I would like to try this out , but how does it work , what equipment do I need , how much will it cost per month ?
      I live here in Rayong THAILAND . Been in THAI for three years ……..

      Alan …….

  2. How does this compares with Apple TV option, where you simply pay for the content you view from the iTunes store with no subscription required?
    The Thai store library has quite a decent collection of movies (and Thai films have English-language subtitles), although no TV series, while the Apple TV box facilitates streaming from mobile devices.

  3. Hi richard barrow i just want to ask with regards to hollywood hdtv. If i will pay through 7-11 stores. What will i do after i pay? Do i need something to input on the app or what? Coz i log in via facebook and i didnt make any account on hollywood hdtv. Thank you for reading 🙂

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