My Experience of Using Maige Internet TV in Thailand

My Experience of Using Maige Internet TV in Thailand


It wasn’t that long ago that the only choice we had for watching international channels such as HBO, National Geographic and CNN was to subscribe to True Visions. We all know how expensive they can be. But, times have changed and there is now more choice. These days we no longer need to subscribe to a satellite or cable TV service as Internet TV has started to lead the way. It is sometimes called “cutting the cable” as with Internet TV you can watch anywhere you like in your house. In the past you had to place your television set next to the socket for your rooftop aerial or where the cables came into the house from your satellite dish. But, with Internet TV, you can now put your TV set where you like as it receives the channels via WiFi.

On the main menu you can choose live TV, Video on Demand or watch from an external Hard Disk
On the main menu you can choose live TV, Video on Demand or watch from an external Hard Disk

There are a number of different services out there today for watching Internet TV. Some, like XBMC, are free, while others like ThaiExpatTV and 365Sport are subscription services. For the past nine months I have been using the Maige TV box which is what I will review today. If you use Maige TV or any other services in Thailand then please let me know in the comments below. 

Maige TV is a subscription service set top box. As it uses Internet TV, it is ideal for people living in condos or apartment blocks where you are not allowed to install a satellite dish. All you need is a good Internet connection. I initially used it on a 3MB service and have since upgraded to 6MB. I’ve hardly had any buffering issues and managed to watch any program quite quickly. However, it is only as good as your Internet connection. If your web pages load slowly or YouTube buffers a lot then this is not for you. I’ve only had a few days of bad Internet connection which unfortunately also meant a few days of not being able to watch Internet TV.

This is my favourite list for live TV. Channels are also sorted by category
This is my favourite list for live TV. Channels are also sorted by category

There are pros and cons to using the Maige TV which I will try and list here. I have 81 days left on my subscription and I will need to make a decision soon as to whether I want to continue. I do like it a lot and I use it most days, but there are some things I find annoying. That is mainly the Chinese language and also the price. But more about that soon.

Maige TV is basically two services in one. If you are looking for a replacement for True Visions then you will be happy to hear that it has over 60 channels in HD quality. These include all the HBO movie channels, National Geographic and Discovery channels, CNN and BBC news channels and many more. In fact, there are more than 270 channels but the majority are in Chinese. The second part of the Maige TV box is Video on Demand (VOD). This is what I use the most. They basically have a database of 30,000 movies and television series that you can watch as and when you like. Many are in English and are from America and the UK, but again, the majority are Chinese based. New movies and TV series are added most days.

There are many sports channels including Astro Sports that shows the EPL
There are many sports channels including Astro Sports that shows the EPL

English Channel List

HBO Movies HD / HBO Movie Hits HD / HBO Movies Family HD / HBO Movies Signature HD / AXN HD / Star Movies HD / Star World HD / SYFY HD / Universal HD / FOX HD / FX HD / Fox Movies Premium HD / Fox Crime HD / KIX HD / TMM HD / Nat Geo HD / Nat Geo Adventure HD / Nat Geo Wild HD / Discovery World HD / Discovery Science HD / Discovery Turbo HD / Home & Health HD / History HD / Sky News HD / BBC World News HD / CNBC HD / LITV HD / Fashion TV HD / Channel V HD / MTV HD / Outdoor Channel HD / Golf Channel HD / Fox Sports Plus HD / Euro Sport HD / Setanta Sports HD / Astro Sports 1 HD / Astro Sports 2 HD / Astro Sports 3 HD / Astro Sports 4 HD / ESPN HD / ESPN 2 HD / NFL HD / NBA Sports HD / EPL English Premier League HD / Fox Soccer HD / Now Sports 2 / HD Now Sports 5 HD / Fox Action Movie HD / OASIS HD / MBC HD / Tennis HD / BBC Knowledge / BBC Entertianment / BBC Lifestyle / Fox News / AXN / Channel V / Hollywood Movies / Star Sports / Animal Planet / Discovery / TV 5 / Bloomberg / CNN News / NHK / BeTV

I do like Maige TV a lot. Occasionally I have a problem but it doesn’t happen that often. Like I said earlier, I use VOD more often than live TV. There’s not much point in watching HBO when you can watch any movie on demand. I sometimes watch the Discovery channels or ones like that. But, if you like to watch the Premier League football then you will be happy with those channels alone and the VOD would be a bonus. One thing I don’t like about the live TV channels is that the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) is in Chinese. So, there is no way of me knowing what’s on now and what is next. You can change the menu to English but the programs are still listed in Chinese. The only help you get in English are the different categories like news, entertainment etc to help you find the channels you want. There is also a tab for your favourites.

This is the Video on Demand which is sorted in categories. This page shows the latest uploads. There are 370 pages with 12 videos per page
This is the Video on Demand which is sorted in categories. This page shows the latest uploads. There are 370 pages with 12 videos per page

I have the same language problem for the Video on Demand. The categories are in English (action, sci-fi, horror, US TV etc) but the titles are all in Chinese. They do have the pictures for each movie/TV series but these are not always easy to decipher. Another problem is that the season number is written in Chinese too. For seasons 1-3 it’s not a problem as they are just dashes in Chinese. After that you have to learn the Chinese numbers. Another problem is finding the second season after you have watched the first season. If they were uploaded at the same time they will be next to each other. But often they could be on one of up to 100 different pages. It would be nice if it was more like Netflix where there is one page for each program which makes it easier to progress through the seasons. It would also be nice if there was a search facility. But then, if there was, you would probably need to enter the text in Chinese.

This shows the US TV page. Each image represents one season of a TV show. This has 61 pages at present.
This shows the US TV page. Each image represents one season of a TV show. This has 61 pages at present.

If this was a cheap or even free service then I probably wouldn’t mind so much about the language problems. But, if you are subscribing to something then you expect to get a good service. If it wasn’t for the language problem then I would be saying to you straight away that I will be renewing my subscription in a few months for another year. Yes, all the American movies and TV series are in English albeit with Chinese subtitles. Yes, the remote and menus are in English. But, all the movie and video titles on the EPG and VOD screens are only in Chinese which makes it harder to decide what to watch. At the end of the day, you will need to make up your own mind as to whether you will get your money’s worth.

The Maige TV box and one year’s subscription costs 12,500 Baht (it was 14,500 Baht before). After that the annual subscription is 6,000 Baht. I used the dealer in Thailand. He has about 3 or 4 websites and if you Google “Maige TV Thailand” you will find one of his sites with this exact same price offer. I know it is possible to buy a cheaper version from abroad, but you are running certain risks. You need to make sure you get the English version of the remote and that the menu is already changed to English. Buying here in Thailand also makes it easier to return if there is a problem and also for activating your subscription once you have paid.

Let me know in the comments below if you already use Maige TV and what your experience have been. Feel free to ask questions and I will try and answer them.

143 thoughts on “My Experience of Using Maige Internet TV in Thailand

  1. I could help but notice that you referenced two things of importance here.

    1 – You generally use the On Demand function.
    2 – You like Netflix for ease of use.

    That begs the question. Why don’t you just use Netflix and/or its competitors? I currently use a Roku 3 Box connected via unblock-us with Netflix and other free “channels” provided by Roku. unblock-us allows me to bypass the geo-restrictions and place myself in the US. I could choose the UK or Canada or a number of countries. I am American, and I want the American content associated with a Netflix account, so that is what I have. It’s connected wirelessly in house for far, far less than TrueVisions Gold Package. It has changed the way we consume media. My son enjoys “twinkle twinkle little star” via YouTube, and I watch the CBS Evening News with my coffee.

    In this day and age, we can have the best of both worlds. There is no reason to limit yourself to Chinese when you can have Netflix, Amazon, or whatever is good for you at a fraction of the cost.

    Just something to think about!

    1. Thanks for your tip. It is indeed food for thought. However, even though Netflix itself is cheaper than a year’s subscription for Maige TV, once you add a VPN service it then becomes the same. Plus, I’m guessing Maige TV has more VODs on demand as well as more of the latest movies. On top of that you get all the HD channels to watch if you want. If the Maige TV subscription could be similar to services like Netflix then it would be better value for money.

  2. Surely ilikeHD which is Thai based is better value at 350THB/month for international channels? 500THB if including VOD. More suited to local market.

    1. ilikeHD isn’t really HD, signal compression was really horrendous and a TV channels were hijacked from othe cable services.
      But it’s cheap and fast, just no where near what you can get with Netflix.

      I guess you get what you pay for. At least it plays well with Chromecast

  3. I use IPTV too, a MAG250 box from supplier in Bangkok, and all Sky tv (UK) plus sports, VOD also. Use wherever I go, just take it with me and plug it in.
    22000 for first year plus subs and 8000 thb yearly after that.
    Also has 7 day catch up TV.

          1. Yeah, it’s a very confusing site. Seems they have a re-seller here in Thailand. If you google the name you will find it. I was supposed to write a review but it kept buffering for me. They were going to send me a new box which is supposed to be better but I haven’t heard anything for a long time now. Anyway, I’m into iLikeHD now which can be used with a regular Android box that you can pick up cheap here.

  4. I just got my Maige TV ordered from for 10300 baht (free DHL express shipping), that is quite a bit cheaper than the price in Thailand. Delivery was super fast, you get a tracking link to so you can follow the package, I must say that Shenzen and Hong Kong postal service is EFFICIENT! I could see when the package arrived and was signed for in the management office of my condo building, it almost took them longer to give it to me than it was for the package to come from China, so I went to the office and they couldn’t find it, after 10 minutes they found it on a table. Well anyway..

    Easy to set up. Figure out where you switch language and then reboot.

    You have to activate the subscription, so on the website I orderede it from, I typed in the MAC address of the box and after less than 5 minutes I got an mail about that it was activated. Just perfect.

    It is indeed quite annoying that the titles is in Chinese.

    I have a newer version than yours, they have upgraded the user interface, it now looks much better than your screenshots 😉 and there’s a search button but I can’t find anything with it, I suppose it only works with Chinese language.

    After starting a video on demand, I have to pause it for a minute so that it can buffer else the video is choppy. Not a big deal.

    The TV channels is why I got it and that works great.

    All in all I am very satisfied after my first day, can’t wait to watch some sports hehe

    By the way, I have scraped the channel list from the PDF, translated them through google translate and sorted them by name, it’s quite helpful. If anyone is interested getting it let me know.

    1. I have to mention that you can only pay through Paypal and they grab a fee and currency conversion, so in the end I paid in total 10940 THB.

      Here’s the channel list, I’ll probably keep updating it as long as I use it:

      1. I have a problem with the Maige box, the video has jerky movement. The best way to describe it is that it stops just a tiny bit every second, which is getting a bit irritating and cause a jerky behaviour, which is annoying when watching racing or reading scroll texts on news.

        Anyone else has this problem? I have tried to adjust to all available dimensions in settings.

        I have 10mb download from True.

        1. HI Thomas

          Your box is setup for china ( not global )
          go into the network settings and change from AUTO to Global Server this will fix your problem . If it continues to do this contact our company and for a fee we can re_install your box for use in Thailand and not china


          1. IPTV-thailand service is very bad and unresponsive. Please do no use their service. They will be very prompt till you pay them the money and then completely ignore your messages.

    2. I would love a copy of your channel list.
      I just got a box from Thailand and as you said the set up is easy and the reception is great.
      My menu is however in Chinese and I can’t figure out where the setting is to change to English, any hints?

      1. The main menu should be in English but the channel listing and the electronic program guide is only in English. This is the reason why iLikeHD is becoming more popular with expats. Everything is in English.

    3. Hi there,

      I’ve just ordered a Maige TV box and was wondering if you could send me the English channels list? Can you change the name of the channels on the box?

      Thanks in advance!!


        1. hi does iLikeHD have many sports channels ,does it have premier league ?

          whats total set up cost and yearly fee after that

          1. Yes, it has a sports package. I don’t know off hand the subscription price. You can pay per match or monthly. There is a “first look” review on this blog. I will do a follow up shortly. There is another new service just started with sports channels and I will do that “first look” review in a few days.

  5. I got Maige about a year ago. Shortly after the remote stopped working. After many mails, calls, no action or way to replace remote. Used between 1-2 months and then useless. Waste of money with no after sales support. Would not trust this system. Very disappointing.

    1. From whom did you purchase your Maige box ? Local dealer in Thailand or directly from Chinese Manufacturer. Thanks.

      1. I believe I purchased from local dealer but I sent mails to all addresses I could find, including the manufacturer. Personally, I would not use this service.

  6. Has anybody got Super English IPTV which comes from the same supplier as Maige? There are no customer reviews on the website, so if somebody is using it I’ll ask a few questions – Is it legal. How many EPL games are shown (is it 7?). Does one need a VPN? Any warranty? Set up instructions (hopefully not in Chinese)? Any additional connection parts from what comes in the box? Reception quality at 10mbps?
    Thanks for any answers.

    1. I have had brief experience with it though I prefer Maige. With live TV, it is much the same but it also has 7-days on demand. The disadvantage is that all the programme names are in Chinese. It doesn’t have Movies on Demand.They tell me it is legal.

    2. HI Pete

      The NEW Version Super IPTV English is Andriod based it is much better than Maige TV and currently offers 135 + English and USA Channels if your in Bangkok we offer FREE installation you have all EPL ( BPL ) channels + skynets sports live never miss a game . No need for VPN this product will work worldwide as said before it is also andriod so you can use playstore add your own APKS like the thai iptv very cheap more than 300 + channels for only 250 baht per month

    3. I bought Super IPTV English. It was rubbish! Huge Chinese subtitles across nearly everything, then it just stopped working even though my subscription had not expired and no one replies to my complaints!

      I then tried an IPTV service which had Sky UK from mrskytv. Worked great but very occasionally had problems. When trying to complain also got no reply. I also had about four people who had seen my box and wanted one so gave them the contact details of mrskytv. Once again no reply to any of them!

      I have since started my own IPTV service here in Thailand. The MAG254 (Upgraded version of MAG250) box can be bought alone for 4,000 baht. Monthly subscription is either 650 baht or 1,100 baht depending on the package you want.

      Only started selling them because the person who supplied me just seemed to disappear and I was worried what would happen when the subscription expired because he left me with no information about the company providing the service.

      If it is OK to post contact info here please check out my website:


      1. I find it nuts that this guy bitches about that he couldn’t make contact to a supplier and then gave four of his buddies the suppliers number and none of them could contact him then decides to set up his own internet tv business with a $50 website that has no phone number and no contact us page because he was “worried about what would happen” Go figure.

        Hey Chris!! How are clients supposed to contact you?

        Im prety certain this is the same english dude that owns a sleazy girly bar in Jomtien, who is now an expert on tv.

        If I wanted to buy a internet box I would deal with a legit company than some creepy Pattaya girly bar owner.

        1. What makes you think I have a sleazy girly bar. Yes I have a bar and yes there are hostesses there but sleazy? and what gives you the right to call me creepy? Do you know me?

          Anyway you are right, there should be a contact page on the web site. In fact all the contact details are there but hidden away in the ordering section of the shop.

          I away at the moment but next week I will add the contact page. For your info here my telephone number is 0801-008134

          1. I would also like to comment on your statement “Im prety certain this is the same english dude that owns a sleazy girly bar in Jomtien, who is now an expert on tv.”

            No I am not an expert on TV. There are many more people who know more than me BUT I have been involved in TV and servers for the last 30 years! From when Sky TV was just one channel! I taught IT at Kidderminster Adult Education College in the UK.

            But why should I have to defend myself from someone who has never met me? and if you have met me how did you meet me? Where you one of the ones who sold a box then disappeared? As far as I know, I do not know you. That is why I think your comments are insulting.


  7. Thanks Richard for the bit of information. I’ve tried using the ‘contact us’ form at, asking many questions but they never respond, so that leaves me with the feeling they take no interest, which of course puts their reliability in question. I’d like to take note of what some other readers have to say about Maige. One note to Thomas, who uses Paypal – nowhere on their website can I find one can pay with Paypal. They say only COD to your local post office. Companies that don’t give out their address on their site, I view with suspicion, so this applies to

  8. Hi again Richard,
    Just to let you know that I have given up with Maige TV as for 5 days they have not answered telephone calls, both Thai and English numbers, nor have they responded to their ‘contact us’ facility. I have therefore concluded that it is or was a one man operation.
    I have found an alternative called the M8 box which I have just ordered which has the advantages of not having to pay an annual renewal subscription nor do I have to comprehend Chinese. Details of the M8 box can be found at
    I’ll let you know how good (or bad) it is when I receive it and connect it up.

      1. Jsat TV is now installed and is excellent once the somewhat complicated set up is complete. There are live channels from all over the world on IPTV, LIVE TV and SPORT. You can also receive Cable TV from many countries. VOD includes Netflix anf Filmon plus some adult channels. For 6,200 Baht delivered and no further subscription it hammers Maige and Super ITV into the ground price-wise. Everything is in English as regards programming and you can even add English subtitling.

      1. Amazing isn’t it? You are the very same people I have been trying to contact over the last two weeks, but you don’t bother to answer your listed phone numbers nor respond to your contact us form. I suggest therefore, if you are interested in sales, you look back on the contact us forms I sent you, answer my questions (my email address is on the form)and also give me a comparison between Maige TV and the M8 box and I will consider buying, but time is short as my CTH subscription expires this month and I don’t intend renewing it. As you can well see here, people are not satisfied with your service and as Richard says “They need to do better with both pre- and post-sale questions”. I just hope that you can take heed of that. Oh, and one more question – the M8 box from JSat does not require an annual subscription and the remote is in English, not Chinese, so how do the two compare?

      2. You may well sell for less than jsat do, but as you use an annual subscription based method the M8 Box from them works out far cheaper after just one year. You just buy the box and there is no further subscription to pay. Your subscription rate of 6,000 baht per year is not worth it.

        1. @Pete

          Your confused the m8 box on our website is 2’900 baht
          and the more advanced andriod is the cs918

          Both box are FREE IPTV no annual subscription and no monthly fee please look website carefully these type box are free IPTV which mean exactly what it say with no warrnty and no comeback when it stops working exactly same product as anywhere else selling at double price .

          The annual subs are for advance IPTV Service and not for these cheap andriod box they are totally different and work as normal tv just like watching with your sat dish


      3. Beware of
        Sorry guys you ripped me off, did not supply services or refunds.
        Yes the first year was good, but after that nada.
        There are other cheaper alternative like

  9. I am a former Professor of Accounting, Finance and Global Business who has retired in Thailand and wants information about living in Thailand.

    1. What has your former employment got to do with retiring to Thailand? Your question is a no-brainer a) because you ask it on a forum discussing a technical issue, and b) if, as you say, you are already retired in Thailand, why not ask some ex-pats living around you?

  10. Hi – has anybody been having trouble with the MaigeTV service the last few days. Mine is almost non-existent. Have been told by the Chinese reseller I bought through “Global Server failure” Any thoughts??

    1. While the Global server is down try changing to one of the 3 China servers in Network settings. China Telecom seems to work best on my system.

      1. I have same problem and none of the servers work.

        VOD works fine and TV playback also works in most cases, so you can watch football after the match is over.

        But this sucks.

      1. Did you watch the movie on VOD or from one of the ‘TV’ channels?
        The VOD seems to work with the Global network setting but none of the live streaming TV channels are working unless you change to one of the 3 China servers.

          1. Yes, I should have mentioned in my previous reply that it doesn’t always connect and when it does not all the channels are available.

            I only have 40 days left on my subscription and in two minds whether to renew or not. I have the same system as you (HD2 with Chinese remote) but even when it is ‘working’ sometimes after about 1 hour it freezes or tries restarting itself and freezes on the ‘The system is starting’ screen. This is on the lowest screen resolution, if I use a higher resolution it freezes or tries restart after about 15-20 mins. Very annoying, seemed to work better before some of the software updates. I wonder if the newer model HD2S is any better. I have no problems with the VOD. I have 13/2mb TOT fibre optic so doubt it is an internet connection problem.

            For anyone who has the same problem and has a Chinese remote the second white button (SET) in the center down from the top will take you to the settings menu to avoids switching the power off/on.

  11. Thanks for the replies guys. Latest update is now I can’t get the box to boot up. Just stuck on the start screen with a red and yellow error mssg in Chinese at the bottom of the screen.

    Just for a little more intrigue my subscription was due to finish today or tomorrow. Originally activated 24/10/13. I paid for a new year a couple of days ago to the Aliexpress reseller from China. He just now disappeared from Skype after I signed in. Will give him til tomorrow to get in touch and then will name and shame.

    1. Hope you’ll get it activated.

      By the way I just got a message from where I bought my box, they said that the Maige TV servers are under attack and that it’s being worked on.

      1. @ Thomas

        The chinese box has server problems they are trying to fix this problem as it is under attack from the ( legal ) providers as the chinese version use servers located in china .

        Most user complaints will be from those who purchased cheap from china

        Xpat english should try our Super IPTV English version 3
        it is ANDRIOD based and no chinese only english channels and also mic pc much better than maige tv

  12. As of this morning am able to log on and get access, albeit very poorly. On demand is ok and some channels are working ok – HBO and some news channels. But Sports nothing apart from the Chinese feeds – CCTV, etc.

    Still haven’t heard from my seller but think Thomas (above) is correct as this is what the seller told me a few days ago.

    Also it seems whenever I switch server via the settings menu it will always change back to “Auto” and cannot stay logged on to the Global server.

  13. One other question – am I correct in thinking that the number in the top right hand corner of the main menu screen is the amount of days left of the subscription? The number has Chinese characters on either side of it but I’m pretty sure I’ve noticed it reducing by 1 each day.

    1. @brett

      yes top right hand corner is how many days left you have
      If you try change to global server make sure you ( save ) the settings or it will default back to china . I assume you have the cheap chinese model thats under attack from chinese goverment .

      1. Are you saying that there are multiple manufacturers of the Maige box?

        It’s the Maige servers that are under attack, not the box itself!

        1. I purchased from Satellite TV Thailand (same owners IPTV Thailand) and still having the same problem.

          I believe it is the same manufacture but multiple distributors.

  14. As of this evening everything running perfectly. Actually seems to be better than before.

    Was quite skeptical about the comments above indicating that boxes bought from different suppliers are a different build and on a different server/feed. However it doesn’t take much searching of various forum threads to discover that these types of rumours and untruths seem to come from the same source.

  15. @ brett

    All Maige tv box ( latest model ) are all same
    the only difference the THAILAND suppliers pre_install english menu and global server before shipping / if you buy from china it is pre-installed with chinese langauge and auto default china server this can be changed in the menu very easy but for some its a headache to do this + with the thailand sellers you get full warranty and FREE INSTALLATION in bangkok for the price many like this option as from china its cheap and DIY

  16. Arrived yesterday so jumped out of bed this morning plumbed it in through my B&W Panorama 2 and bingo on in 1 minute. All working fine. I purchased direct from Maige with English remote and free shipping. Happy days

  17. I have been using Maige TV for the last 2.5 years and bought the first box including subscription from the Thailand seller. I am very satisfied and paying the yearly subscription fees to a bank account in Thailand is easy and activation prompt. Sure, subscription fee in China or Hong Kong is only 85.- USD and the latest HD box HD3 only 318,- USD including 1 year free subscription, if you buy the box from there. The Thailand supplier also buys from Hong Kong and this company manages the MAC codes and the subscription / activation and renewals. But I understand, that the Thailand supplier has to make some profit too and I had no problems so far to communicate with him . The only problem is, when you bought the first old box HD1 from him, which is only in Chinese and want to buy the next generation HD2S or now HD3 with English language. The Thailand supplier does not want to sell you the new boxes only without a new subscription. Actually, it is easy, because you can transfer the new MAC code from the new box to your subscription. Otherwise, you have no choice but to buy / upgrade to the new box from China or Hong Kong for only 99.- USD. You must continue your subscription with the Thailand supplier ( and his Hong Kong re-seller ) or change completely to the China or Hong Kong re-seller including a new box and new subscription. The Thailand supplier should be more flexible to sell you the new box during your subscription time, because as I said, the old MAC code will be cancelled and the new MAC Code from the new box replaces the old MAC code and your subscription period continues until it is finished. The Thai supplier is loosing money and maybe even you as a customer, who may eventually turn completely to the Chinese or Hong Kong Maige TV company for good. It would be much cheaper, but you have to deal with the company in China and not with a partner in Thailand. Otherwise, the Maige TV is the best I have ever experienced here in Thailand, and I was a True customer for many years. The Thailand seller is just lacking a bit of service mind and flexibility, but otherwise OK so far. He should make his profit, because he is also taking the risk in importing the hardware in advance and import tax in Thailand is always a question mark and I do not know, how much he has to pay to import the boxes.

  18. @Peter – you seem to do a better job marketing the Thai company than the Thai company. Perhaps they’ll offer you a job. LOL
    Dealing with Maige direct was perfect. From receiving order to activating MAC code Cindy Ho was great and prompt with her replies. No reason for me to ever use IPTV Thailand. Even payment can be done direct using PayPal but u don’t need a PayPal account and i didn’t get charged additional fee as reported earlier on this thread. I didn’t pay any import and the DHL shipping from China was free. Well done Maige TV.

    1. @BKK Mo
      It is just my own experience in the last few years and my opinion. You are lucky, that the customs did not charge you any import tax or other charges, because DHL has to report content of parcels to the customs department in Thailand and if send by mail, all parcels will be opened by customs. There are import duties on electronic goods imported from China, but customs often let it go if addressed to private persons and do not suspect commercial use. And to underline, that I am not marketing the Thai seller, I will compare the prices below :

      – Maige TV Box HD3 incl. 1 year subscription China 10,575 Baht ( 319 USD ) / Thai seller 14,500 Baht
      – Renewal 1 year subscription China 2,820 Baht ( 85 USD ) / Thai seller 6,000 Baht
      – Upgrade from old box to new box China 3,282 – 4,442 Baht / Thai seller : Not possible
      – Activation online on web site : China YES / Thai seller NO
      – Maige Tv USB Wifi Dongle : China 500 Baht / Thai seller 500 Baht
      – Maige Tv Remote Control English : China 500 Baht / Thai seller 850 Baht

      I cannot say, whether or not the Thai seller has to pay import tax , VAT and income tax to Thai authorities. And I do not know about repair service or changing faulty boxes. I guess, people have to decide by themselves which company to use and which price they are willing to pay. If the Thai seller is not providing good and prompt service here in Thailand in future, I am sure customers will change to China supplier – including myself.

  19. With ref to comments on mrskytv ….
    I contacted Jason back in October with many questions about the mag250 box… He answered each one patiently and thoroughly and sometimes twice. The site and Youtube have many examples of using this box for UK TV.
    The price was fair… box delivered and he helped me through the initial bit and despite one or two hiccups we have 123 channels and we are very please… this company is a nice set up”

    1. Thanks Andrew. i was interested in the mag250 box. There is a guy in Pattaya who left a comment on my blog. I was tempted to buy a box from him, but I wasn’t impressed by his website. He wanted me to pay by paypal. Sounded a bit like a scam. I couldn’t find any other reference to people buying from him. If it is too good to be true then it probably is…

      1. Payment does not have to be by Paypal. I suggested that in an e-mail because I was sending out a box for free so you could play with it. And I was even going to throw in 1 month free viewing. But I do not know you and it would be very easy for you to just never return the box. I asked for the paypal payment because it would act as a deposit and when the box was returned it would be easy for me just to click “Refund” on the paypal web site.

        If any one is worried you can always order COD. That way you do not pay till the box is in your hands. That option is also on the ordering section of the web site. There is also a Telephone ordering option where you enter your details address, MAC number etc on the site but then you call me to arrange payment. The telephone number is listed there but here it is 0801-008134.

        Of course. If you already have a MAG box you can just order our Free Trial and get up to 48 hour free access to our portal.

        Anyone who lives in the Pattaya area can have the box delivered to them and not pay till they see it working.

        This is NOT a scam and I am trying very hard to not make the mistakes of the other dealers here in Thailand who just seem interested in getting your money then disappear.

        One of your posters called my bar Sleazy and me Creepy. Makes it sound like he is doing his best to stop people buying from me. I know no reason why. Maybe he has ulterior motives. If any one is in the area give me a call. You will be welcome to come to my bar and meet me. You can then decide for yourselves how sleazy the bar is and how creepy I am. Or just take a look at the web page or our facebook page applebarjomtien.

        A poster also said I had a cheap $50 web site! I designed and made it myself, hosted on one of my own servers which host many other web sites. The site is Other people have already bought from me but I cannot list them here. But I think it would be a good idea to make a comment page on the web site so customers can leave there own reviews. Will do this next week.


        1. Chris, it is strange that you say you “do not know me”. Did you try googling my name? I’m hardly an anonymous name in Thailand. I did the same for you and your site and couldn’t find anything. Which is why I then had second thoughts about sending you the money. I did mean to contact you again but I got caught up in other stuff and promptly forgot. Sorry, no offence intended. I know how difficult it is to get started on the internet if you are not known or cannot be recommended by someone well known.

  20. Hi Richard

    So pleased to read that you have been considering a MAG250, perhaps the best plan of action would be to test drive one and see what you think.

    Feel free to drop me an e-mail and I will pop a MAG250 in the post with EMS so you can test one of our boxes out and see what you think over the Xmas and New Year and perhaps report back to this page.

    I was supplying internet TV back in 2010 when we used sling-boxes to pipe TV around the globe, when the MAG250 came out it was a massive game changer.

    The comments above from Chris are totally wrong, I wouldn’t dream of ignoring four potential sales! a recommendation from an existing customer is the best sale possible and often leads to more recommendations, 80% of my business is word of mouth.

    I think that this story Chris Heaton has created was his way of justifying copying my business once he got his hand on the product and done some homework, if you read his post it just doesn’t make sense.

    I am not worried about competition as competition is good, what I do worry about is people that tell tales to try and discredit my name, that really gets me upset.

    I can be contacted via might be worth doing a just to see what your speed is like, let me know. I have been in the UK TV Business for almost 13 years, I have a personal relationship with all of my suppliers as opposed to someone that has just set up shop with a mickey mouse website with no contact numbers.

    Best regards

    Jason Harding
    IPTV Specialist

    1. You are a liar! But this is not the place to sort it out.

      Anyone who wants to contact me privately I will forward all the correspondence and unanswered messages and yes even unanswered calls from people I passed on to you!

      Did you change your phone number and forget to tell anyone?

      You suddenly stopped replying to texts and your phone went dead.

      I was not new to IPTV when I bought the MAG250 from you. I had already used the IPTV English box and in my opinion it was useless. I did not want to deal with IPTV-Thailand because of the non-existent support. I was not too bothered about you not answering my messages, just thought you were like the other dealers. Once you got the money forget the customer. But when new customers could not even contact you I became worried about how to renew the subscription on the box when it expired as I had no idea which company where supplying the stream to you. So I did not want to disappoint my friends so started to supply the box myself.

      As I said in a previous post. I had not just learnt about IPTV. I have operated my own servers for years, admittedly not feeding streams to a MAG box but doing many things which I cannot go into here since the very first days of satellite TV in the UK. My servers stream radio and data. Since starting to sell the box I have sold 15 in the last 3 months to Thailand, America, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.

      My only criticism about you was that you were impossible to contact. As a person you seem fine. Your product is great and works well. I would recommend it to anyone, and I did. The only reservation I have is that the MAG boxes you sell are locked to the provider you use and the portal cannot be changed. So if a customer looses contact with you and the subscription expires the box will be useless.

      The boxes I provide are open. Two portals can be entered so two different suppliers can be used at the same time if wanted. Once bought the box does not have to be used on my portal, if a better deal can be found you are free to use the other company instead. My subs are monthly, so can be changed at any time, you are not tied in to a large initial expenditure then locked to that supplier for 12 months.

      You say “someone that has just set up shop with a mickey mouse website” There is nothing wrong with my website. It contains lots of information and programme schedules for stations that it is hard to locate yourself. For someone who says he welcomes competition you seem to be doing your best to rubbish me without even trying the service! I will not do the same. Jason supplied the box quickly after ordering, the streams work perfectly and as long as you are happy to subscribe via his suppliers the service should be great. I recommend his company. But to be honest finding anything on your websites is almost impossible. Please if you have your own site let me know. would love to see what you consider a good site which includes your contact details.

      1. Hi , I’m from the uk with a magbox 254 . I’m fairly new to this so im looking for a iptv service but must have live 3pm English games. I’ve heard Asia servers are more stable than European servers , is this true ? Chris what is your website ?


  21. Richard

    Very sorry for my rants. But I think it is unfair people try to rubbish me when they do not even know me or anything about the service I offer. I will stop responding to these posts because I am sure you never intended your blog to be hijacked in such a way. Please accept my apology.


    1. No worries Chris. Understandable. I had the same kind of replies on the original blog post for Maige TV. Not sure why this happens. I am doing my best to make sure all comments are real and not posted by trolls or competitors. I am just about to go through the comments posted overnight. I haven’t read them yet. I do plan to do a blog post on the Mag box as soon as I can. There is a lot of interest in this kind of thing. However, I have to be careful I don’t mislead anyone or send them to a retailer that might be operating a scam. I have been scammed myself in the past. So, I am cautious now.

  22. Page looks professional but I nearly barfed when I saw renewal fee of 5,000! My Extra year was 2,790 Bht (based on today).


    Be very careful with that website they are not Authorized Dealers
    and they DO NOT have stock i can tell you that straight right now just a crazy thai trying to get in on the act or scam you might get a brick in the post if you order COD if your gonna gamble wait until he has PAYPAL

    I see he advertise also super and all other products 2015
    Totally Impossible maybe just a jealous thai try to destroy the bizz

    you can get a full list of dealers at

    That is the full list and china section has been updated on that site

    We are going to drop Maige Tv price in Thailand and renewal to stop the cowboys before they start

  24. Hi!

    I would like to to know what would be the best option for me please.

    I live in Thailand 6 months a year and the the rest in Sweden.

    I would like to be able to watch PL and also the French soccer leage.

    and my wife would like to watch the Thai channels when we are back in Sweden?

    Is there any good option for me out there??

    Thanks in advance.


  25. HI TJ

    Maige Tv is really for chinese people but does have some english
    its is chinese provider service .

    Best option for you is the New Thai IPTV Box this is M8 Andriod box
    with over 250 channels it has Truevison / CTH / Astro and all western channels you could possibly ever need and too much sport and its only 6’000 baht inc M8 Box and 1 year account you can also plug in usb wifi mouse and keyboard and use as mini pc .

    For users already have Andriod Box we can supply APK File
    for 300 baht per month or only 1500 baht for 6 months or 3’000 bajt for 1 year .

    + you can use playstore andd your own apps games and so much more
    forget maige tv there is so much more on market now

    Or we can supply super english iptv ( new version ) which is also andriod box and you can do same as above and also add thai iptv service to the box

    IPTV Thailand

    1. I am in UK and want to get Japanese channels. (If I can get EPL too, thats a bonus.)

      I am comparing MaigeTV with iHome.

      Ideally I would like to just buy a IPTV box locally in UK and then pay a subscription to watch the Japanese channels but that seems to not be possible and I have to buy the MaigeTV or iHome box? (I am worried about customs duty on import).

      Is it possible to pay only for channel subscription and use with a local box?

  26. On September 2, 2014 I ordered the Maige Tv box from Satellite Tv Thailand (same owners as IPTV Thailand). I received prompt communication from the supplier as soon as the box had arrived at my local Post Office. Once I collected the box (meaning once I had paid the money – 14,500baht), all attempts to communicate via email with the supplier were unsuccessful. Despite numerous attempts, the supplier would not respond to my emails. My desperate attempts to get in touch with the supplier were to try and activate the box. I eventually sent an SMS to a mobile number on the website and received numerous excuses and later, several promises that the box would be activated “shortly”. As we speak, in January 2015, the Maige TV box that I bought in September 2014 remains inactive with the constant message, “Renew Subscription and active boxes, please contact the retailer.” Currently, the supplier no longer bothers responding to my SMSes.

    This has been a very bad experience for me and I regret buying the Maige TV box from Satellite Tv Thailand (IPTV Thailand).

  27. I have Truevision & CTH . I really have had enough of truevision . Just been told by a friend about IPtv . Internet tv is new to me but I really am impressed by the potential. I live in Chiang Saen, Province of Chiang Rai. Will I have to contact T.O.T. my WIFI provider to install this set up

    1. The program guide for Maige TV is only in Chinese. They do have video on demand but there’s no search feature. You might want to consider ThaiExpat TV. I’m presently testing MRSKYTV. I will blog on it soon.

    2. The program guide is also in English with the new HD3 Maige TV receiver and there is a search feature. You can use any internet provider who offers about 5MBs in your area. Just plug in and the company will activate the service. No need to ask your provider to do anything. I found a very good Q&A about all this on the following web site :—answers.html

  28. I’ve been testing out MRSKYTV for the past month and will be writing a blog review on it later this week. Please do not post any comments about MRSKYTV on this page as it is only for MaigeTV. Once the new blog is up you can comment on that one.

        1. Hi Peter , very impressed ,but am I correct , the cost of the Maige box is 12,500 bht. Whilst mrsky is 8,000 bht if this is correct why the difference . I am really undecided which to use , that is why I await Richard`s opinion .

          1. I only have the old Maige box. Apparently the new one is better. I already asked the supplier if I can swop to the new one so I can do an updated review but no reply from them yet. Their customer service is always slow. About MrSkyTV, I am in two minds about promoting it. I do like the range of channels but I don’t find them as reliable as say ThaiExpatTV.

          2. Brian : I only know about Maige TV, because I have been using it for some years now. I remember, the cost for the box was 14,500 Baht for a long time and now it seems they reduced it to 11,500 Baht without the WiFi dongle, but including 1 year subscription. As far as I am concerned, I am very happy with Maige TV and never had any problems.

  29. If you guys dont want to pay for IPTV Service upfront 1 year and cannot decide what is best for you then why dont you just buy the m8 Andriod box from our company for 3900 baht and then subscribe to our monthly IPTV Service which is only 300 baht per month no large upfront funds and you get all the joy of the M8 box which does have XMBC pre_installed . So 300 baht per month you get all channels youll ever need including xxx channels no contract its month by month can cancel anytime once the 1 month has expired you dont have to renew and just enjoy your m8 box with freedie stuff from internet or you can pay 1 month / 3 month / 6 month / 1 year choice is yours .

    Maige Tv Price will be dropped tomorrow to 10’500 as we have much better products to offer you

    IPTV Thailand

  30. WOW The un_authorized Dealer is now advertising Maige Tv HD 3 only 6’500 baht my advise is order now now make sure you order with there Paypal account for security

    Dont worry if he cannot re_activate your box

    We can contorl and re_activate any of there box sold

    Ordr now 6’500 baht is not to be missed

    Maybe i will order 500 pcs at that price

    Just make sure you order will Paypal

    TPTV Thailand

  31. IPTV Thailand

    Got the IPTV Chinese from you in early December 2014.
    Recently all channnels were not downloading and occasionally only some channels work in the morning. No problem with my internet connection. Tried calling 0987106917 several times but no reply. Also sent email with no reply.

    1. Had a problem this morning with ilikehd , within minutes of send them an email they replied & problem was solved . Sorry if this reply should be in ilikehd site .

      1. No, it’s alright. It’s my opinion as well. After sales service is very important. I’ve sent IPTV Thailand several emails recently but had no replies. That’s why I started looking at alternatives like iLikeHD which I can highly recommend after only one month of trying them out.

        1. Hi Richard yes I am delighted with ilikehd . I am in the process of getting the Cloud tv box , because I do not speak Thai & live way up north on the border with Laos its not easy .I have contacted a friend of mine who lives in BKK to see if he can get it from BMK . If not I am going to Chiang Mai when the kids are on holiday I will get it there no doubt. But no probs can manage ok with Laptop .

        2. @ Richard Barrow

          Dont know where your sending your e-mail not received 1 email from you in last 1-2 months we are online on skype 24/7
          IPTV After sales is fully supported via internet it is all sell update and repair if there is a problem the IPTV Provers always are aware of any problems as they monitor there service 24/7 also all our products have been working over 4 years and will continue to work this is IPTV so there will always be a glitch either end no matter what product you buy .


          IPTV Thailand

      1. Hi Richard have ordered that Quad Core 4.4.2 tv box almost 2400 Bht from Lazada . Can take a few days but will let you know how I go on .
        Cheers mate . Brian .

      1. Richard first time ever bought on-line in LOS , but must say very impressed with Lazada , customer service is superb .

    1. need help. have android TV box cs918. IPTV Thailand gave to me because I paid in advance a renewal subscription for my iptv box but they could not get it from provider so I got the android. I am trying to root box so I can use my UGOOS 3.0 USB lan ethernet gigabtye adapter rj45.I will pay for any service. I tried rooting but did not get any where.I can’t find anyone here in Nakhonratchasima where I live nor anyone in Bangkok.

  32. @Lawrence Chen

    Sorry late reply i have been in Hospital still getting over it but i can move around now and much better . Your Super IPTV might have been a glitch due to Chinese New Year or a Problem with your international Bandwidth with your provider if there still a problem im on skype 24/7
    just add us our skype id iptvonline


    IPTV Thailand

  33. So, the obvious here is to stay away from iptv-thailand, I use ilikeHD and I love there service so far, and, if there is a query, it gets answered within 10 minutes, service that you can count on.

  34. Think IPTV Thailand just don’t give shit about after sales service. what’s the point of stating you are on Skype 24/7 when after 2 days of contacting you thru Skype still no reply from you.

    1. IPTV works very hard to make claims that are contrary to the reality as far as their after sales service is concerned. I wish they put in half as much effort in actually providing after sales service as they do in making these claims. Here I am 6 months after I purchased the Maige TV from them and IPTV has still not connected my Maige TV and they have not bothered to respond to me when I tried contacting them. You will also notice that IPTV has not responded directly to any of the comments that I have posted on here. My experience is that they are very responsive when trying to sell you the product but they lose interest as soon as they receive their payment from you.

      1. Marunga

        Please go to this web site to check, whether your Maige TV subscription is active or not. Web site :

        Fill in your MAC number and press the blue button . After this, a new site will show active or not.

        If active, something wrong on your side. If not active, IPTV has to activate . If he does not do, maybe I can help you.I will try, but cannot promise. Please reply on this forum.

        1. Peter,

          Thanks for the guidance on checking/verifying the status of my MaigeTV. I just searched for it and it’s showing up as not active, pretty much confirming that my box was not activated by IPTV.

          Considering IPTV has finally responded to my comments on this forum (below) I will reach out and see if they can actually active it despite months of inaction. I will update you all on how this goes.

  35. @ Marunga

    If your problem is genuine please contact me on skype ID iptvonline
    i have been in Hospital for nearly 5 months with health problems and my company was left in the hands of thai staff to take care of bizz those staff are being replaced with better staff . In next 1-2 day’s i shall be well enough to answer telephone calls personally .

    Do not give out your serial box number to any third party on a forum as you do not know who they are we shall not be responsible for anything that happen if you do so .

    If your claim is genuine we shall add credit to your maige tv box for time lost over this period of time !!

    Last 5 months have been beyond my control of the company but im able to walk around agian and in better health anyone who has any problems need resolve should be dealt with directly on skype or telephone as i do not have time to monitor this forum blog


    IPTV Thailand

    1. I have not got IPTV Thailand , but you sound like a genuine guy to me . Good luck &good health to you mon ami .

  36. Hi Richard, have you tried connecting the Maige through wifi instead of ethernet cable? Does the quality drop off?? Thanks.

      1. Richard, great shout out on iLikeHD but it doesn’t seem to be available outside of Thailand. Guess I may be stuck with the Maige option as I am looking for english speaking football and the China streams do not provide that. Great blogging!

        1. They say they plan for iLikeHD to go worldwide this year. Their support is very fast answering questions. I’ve been trying to contact the Maige TV supplier in Thailand about the new box so that I could update my review. But he didn’t reply to any of my emails. So, I have now given up on Maige TV. Anyway, this year will see a lot more streaming video services in Thailand. Competition is healthy.

          1. We have no e-mails from you Richard yes there will be alot new stream service in Thailand this year its great news but the Authoritys are attacking back at the illegal service supplied

            Glad you like iLikehd

          2. Richard , ilikehd confirmed that they hope to go world wide , starting with the kick-off to the 2015-16 premier league kick off . I hope it comes off but I have my doubts , Thailand ok but world-wide ?…..

  37. @ Brian you can watch ilikehd worldwide just connect via VPN with a Thai IP for this you need service like
    they do supply Thai IPs on there service so it will work no problem !!

    As for ilikehd to public worldwide is not a great problem the geo restrict can be lifted in 1min on server its is a problem with global comeback from authoritys that maybe close ilikehd permantly via court order !!

    IPTV Thailand

  38. I placed an order on May 11 in the evening for IPTV one month, to try it out.
    Right after a successful fulfillment of the order, the same evening, I inquired for IPTV box (3,600 baht)
    I sent the money to the Bank Account of IPTV (Mr. Alan David Reeks), phone 0987106197 and was assured that he (I believe was a Thai individual on Skype)will send the box the next day. I have the Skype messages logs and bank transfer log.
    Today is May 19 2015, evening and nothing has been sent yet to me. Over the past one week I managed to get only two times a response on Skype that “tomorrow” it will be sent and get a tracking number.
    Never happened. Still waiting to see what’s next.
    Definitely a very fishy job!

  39. @Stan
    Nothing fishy if you logged into your account online and went to order history you would find your EMS Tracking Number online / note as skype chat we sell ORIGINAL MXV Andriod ( not clones ) you have been sent original as the chat and your EMS Tracking is in your order history online – Or would you like me to post the EMS Number here ? we are the only company in Thailand with ORIGINAL Andriod box not clones

    1. After more than a week since i paid and consequtively inquired info by email and skype, just Today I received this message from iptv Thailand, giving me a tracking number. And no,it wasn’t in my account, simply because it was not shipped before. Let’s see what happens. I will update here.
      And yes, I don’t mind to get messaged here, given that this was the only place where I’ve got a response.

    1. I received the product below on May 21 (sent on May 18)by EMS:
      [Original] MXV Quad Core Android TV BOX S805 1GB/8GB Cortex 1.5
      To watch the IPTV you need to use the browser, where when you click on the particular channel it will prompt to launch for you a player, such as VLC or MX player app. This particular box is unstable for watching with the IPTV’s own app. The power button broke after pressing it long to shut the box when it hanged occasionally. Better disconnect the power cable. I would suggest others to try other products and leave comments, so we know which one will be better.

  40. Stalker iptv android. All channels are free. You can put on any android tv box. Works great on my tablet and phone. Has everything in English and some foreign channels as well . If you need help setting it up. Let me know.

  41. It has 760 free channels. Just download the application. Don’t donate unless you want to. Open the app , put in your name and email. That’s it. You can start watching. I have used this in Thailand for 3 years now. No problems. Let me know what you think. …

  42. Come on everyone… is there no easy answer here? Dor pete’s sake who to contact in phuket for IPTV ?

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