10 thoughts on “Latest News about Murdered British Tourists on Koh Tao in Thailand

  1. In Thailand the Thais act as if they are entitled to what ever they throw a fit for! As people of the Asian continent all act. They are some of the laziest people around all you have to do is look around and see all the decrepitude lack of infrastructure at their level! They will take time to think of being schemers because that is the easy but not put “work” into construction of any infrastructure because that is to mush like “work”. They also will blame anyone who exposes their behavior and say that that hurts their image! They hurt their now image when doing the acts!

    1. This does not reflect the Thai people. The majority of Thai people are very hard working people, but earn almost nothing for what they do.

      The lazy percentage of the population turn to a carrier in politics, mafia, military or police as that is where the easy money are.

      1. To answer any replys about LAZY Thais. When women from Laos or Cambodia come to do CONSTRUTION WORK in Bangkok! There are how many Thai males the Thailand that can Work on their own infrastructure? I will not placate to anyone who does ont what see the truth and or get off topic.

  2. MR,Bunko Thank you for getting off topic but sense you did. If the shoe fits then wear it anywhere lazy people are from! Back to topic Thais have existed from antediluvian times and never have been a continental power and are good in scheming in try to get other people from anywhere to do the business that will bring in money to Thailand and try to keep it in Thailand! That is the advantage that they have had but with ASEAN that has ended! The first statement stands!

  3. MR, Bunko thank you getting off topic but sense you have will if the shoe fits wear it anywhere anyone who is lazy. This have existed from antediluvian times and never have been a continental power! Back to topic. Thais are good at scheming to get anyone to do business in Thailand then try to keep the money in Thailand that is their advantage but that has ended with ASEAN and the Thais owe that very well! Now they will be right out in your face in anyway to get want is anyone’s. And yes it could be you? The first statement stands.

  4. David, what are you on about, we have lost two of our countrymen. The Thai policce up to now have had 4 suspects. If the murder was with a hoe, then there would be finger prints all over it. We can sum up three things:-
    1) they do not know what they are doing and do not have the forensic backup.
    2)we had a murder of a foriegner and the police went around trying to collect money for investigation?
    3)the British Embassy leaves a lot to be desired if Brits have a problem. They have sent someone down to this island? Some years ago when Canadians were murdered the Embassy itself solved the crime.Someone from Scotland Yard should be here now.

    I respect the Prime Ministers involvment.

  5. Keith, I’m on how crime in Thailand is swept under the rug to keep the image looking good! In else the Thai police are put under a microscopic by someone else things will linger on! They do have the technology that was brought to Thailand from out of country from other countries but they have a low will to do anything. As your points show. And if you or anyone think that the Thai police won’t set someone up to close a case as to look good?

  6. I have been to thailand 25 times, and here is what I think. The thai police don’t have a clue what they are doing.
    They are uneducated to the extent of being nearly retarded. They are only out to make some money out of this and get their picture in the news papers etc.
    The victims body’s were found around 6 am and the police Didnt even close off the beach for forensics and evidence etc.
    when I heard about this last Monday, the thai police said they were looking for a British back packer, then changed it to Burmese workers.They are trying not to make thai people look bad in the eyes of the world.
    I have no doubt in my mind what so ever , that the killers are thai, and are either Beach boys who work the jet skis etc , or local fisherman, but my money is on the beach boys.
    The Asian guy in the CCTV had no shirt or shoes on at 2 o’clock in the morning.
    The locals should put up a reward for the capture of the killers. There were at least 3 killers IMO, and the beach boys always hang around in groups ,and drink a lot and take drugs.
    I think that the uk Gov should send out people to take DNA samples etc before its too late.
    Thailand is a dangerous place. You are safe if you can turn your head and sea tourists somewhere, but wonder off the beaten track, and its pot luck IMO.
    Thais do not like Europeans much. They pretend to like us cause we are meal tickets to them.
    Thai guys like European women with blonde hair, and thai girls like guys with blonde hair.
    There have been a lot of murders on Thai beaches that we don’t even know about in the UK.
    My advice, keep your eyes and ears open, don’t trust Thais, and never put yourself in a place where you can’t see other tourists ,day or night, and watch your drinks .
    This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your holiday, just be alert at all times.
    Thai beach boys or thai fisherman IMO.

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