British Schoolgirls Still Missing in Thailand

British Schoolgirls Still Missing in Thailand

British Schoolgirls Missing in Thailand

More than two months have now passed since British schoolgirls Annie Day (aged 11) and Aleena Day (aged 6) went missing in Thailand. Their father, Robert Day from Sevenoaks in Kent, is absolutely heartbroken.  He has been frantically canvassing the areas where they went missing.  He has been putting up “missing posters” around town and paying for mobile advertising boards. Robert just came back last night from a visa run to Cambodia to get another 30 day visa. However, with the visa run crackdown about to start in Thailand, the latest worry is that he will be barred from re-entering Thailand if he tries another visa run. Your help is urgently needed to help find these British schoolgirls.

British Schoolgirls Missing in Thailand

This is Onwarat Suphikunphong, the biological mother of the two girls. She was divorced from Robert Day four years ago and the Thai courts gave Robert custodial care and full parental power for the two girls. They now live permanently in England and attend a local school. Annie (her real name is Ananya) and Aleena have dual citizenship though they traveled to Thailand on a British passport. Thai police have issued a warrant for Onwarat’s arrest for the abduction of the girls.

British Schoolgirls Missing in Thailand

The two girls had made a new life in Sevenoaks in England for the last four years and are well known in the area. Their school friends are said to be shocked that they are now missing. Over the last four years they had contact with their mother via the Internet but at one stage she dropped out of the scene. She married Tor Eivind Gamlem, a Norwegian citizen, and they had a child together who is now three years old. Initially they lived together in Norway but have they since moved back to Thailand. Tor is employed on MS Trinto, a Norwegian fishing vessel. He generally works on ship for 2-3 months and then visits Thailand for 3-4 weeks to spend time with his wife and son.

British Schoolgirls Missing in Thailand

The two British schoolgirls travelled to Thailand with their father on Sunday 25th May 2014 for a three week holiday in Pattaya. Robert had agreed with Onwarat that she could spend some time with their daughters. Onwarat, pictured here in happier times, came to pick up the two girls on 26th May. The plan was to drop the girls back at his rented apartment on 1st June at 2 p.m. On that afternoon, Onwarat telephoned Robert to say that they were at the zoo and would be back later than planned. He wasn’t worried at first, but as the afternoon progressed and they didn’t return he became increasingly worried. She was no longer answering calls. He also sent text messages and voicemail but to no avail. He then went to her apartment where he found it had been abandoned.


The police have been involved with the search but all of their clues have lead to dead ends. The family recently learned that Tor Eivind Gamlem, the new husband of Onwarat, arrived in Thailand on 5th July. On his arrival card he named a hotel as his place of residence. But when the Thai police later went to the hotel, they found that he had never checked in. Obviously it is distressing for the family that Tor wasn’t stopped at Immigration and questioned more closely. Although he may not have known about the abduction, he could have information that would reveal the whereabouts of the two girls. Robert is trying to make sure Tor is stopped if he tries to leave Thailand, if he hasn’t done so already. He has appealed to various authorities, including the British Embassy to assist him with this. Speaking to Tor seems to be the only way they can find his two daughters.


What can you do to help? Please share this story and pictures on your social network. Maybe also download and print the missing poster to put up in your local area if you live in Chonburi. The last known position for Onwarat’s cell phone was in Siracha, a seaside town between Bangkok and Pattaya. Her family is believed to have come from Bang Pa In district of Ayutthaya. Do you know the Norwegian Tor Eivind Gamlem? He may have answers that will help the investigation. There is a Facebook Page for the missing girls with more photos. Rober Day can be contacted on 090 773 8900 or by email 

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11 thoughts on “British Schoolgirls Still Missing in Thailand

  1. As through as Thai immigration is, wouldn’t they know if Tor Gamlem is still in Thailand or not?

    Very sad as it always the children who suffer.

  2. Hi, I’m a norwegian blogger and journalist. My thai blog is read by many norwegians in Thailand. I’m also a member of norwegian facebook groups in Thailand with several thousand members. Do you/the father want me to try to find mr Gamlem with my blog and social media? I’m quite sure I can get tips about his whereabouts.

    1. im not the father but i know that he would be pleased to any help he can get so please do go all out and help him…..

  3. There is a phone number attached or you can contact him through His daughters fave book pade (Annie Day)
    Good luck. It would be fantastic if you could help reunite Rob with his girls.

  4. Very sad to hear. Especially when there are children involved.

    I am not in Thailand right now but I have a lot of thai connections all around Thailand. Is it possible to get some information in Thai language especially the names of the children in Thai. Only when it will not interfere with the police investigations.

  5. Hi Robert ,
    Sorry to hear that .that news really did upset me becoz I am father of two children .Robert as I know Thailand very well I am giving you some tips about Thailand . Police is very crupt there offer them some money but not ur self becoz u involved embassy I can totally understand u but they will not take any money from u .
    Also where girls disappeared offer money to motor bike taxi becoz they r also. ………….there . believe me you will find it .robert I am at uk but I know about Thailand .For money they will bring ur daughters from even cave .if u rely on police without money paying FORGET I am telling you .pls don’t take me wrong but this is reality for Thailand .

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