Consequences of Overstaying in Thailand

Consequences of Overstaying in Thailand


There has been a lot of news recently about a crackdown on people working and staying illegally in Thailand. We’ve heard a lot about the so-called “border runs” being outlawed. Before, people were leaving the country and coming back straight away with a 15/30 day visa exemption stamp. Many were doing this back to back so that they could work illegally in Thailand over a long period. This is what they are targeting now. If you have many visa exemption stamps or even many back-to-back tourist visas then you might find yourself with a problem the next time you enter at a land border. At the moment, it is safe to arrive at the airport, but after 12 August 2014 the crackdown will cover every land and air border checkpoint.

They are also being strict with people who overstay in Thailand by blacklisting them. Did you know, if you are caught with an expired visa, even just a few days, you will be banned from entering Thailand for FIVE years. The following are the penalties for overstaying which is posted at Samut Prakan Immigration:

In the Case the Alien Surrenders Himself/Herself:

  • Overstay more than 90 days => Forbidden from re-entering the kingdom for 1 year
  • Overstay more than 1 year => Forbidden from re-entering the kingdom for 3 years
  • Overstay more than 3 years => Forbidden from re-entering the kingdom for 5 years
  • Overstay more than 5 years => Forbidden from re-entering the kingdom for 10 years

In the Case that the Alien is Apprehended:

  • Overstay for less than 1 year ==> Forbidden from re-entering the kingdom for 5 years
  • Overstay for more than 1 year ==> Forbidden from re-entering the kingdom for 10 years

The act of surrendering yourself is reporting at an Immigration checkpoint at a land or air border on your way out. However, you need to be careful that while you are on the way, you are not stopped by a police checkpoint. If they check your passport and see you have an expired visa, even if you are on the way out, the penalty will be more severe. I would suggest that if you are going to surrender yourself, you should do so at the airport. Unless, of course, you live near one of the borders. You then have to pay the daily 500 Baht fine up to the maximum of 20,000 Baht. If you surrendered yourself and overstayed less than 90 days then there are no other consequences.

As a side note, I just found out that you can extend your permission to stay in Thailand even if it has already expired. For example, if you are preparing documents to extend your stay in Thailand for another year and for one reason or another the documents aren’t ready, Immigration will allow you to be late. Obviously that is not advisable as you run the risk of being apprehended. But, Immigration will still accept your application even though your “visa” has expired. But, you would need to pay the fine for overstaying. So, if you are late by two days, you will have to pay a fine of 1,000 Baht. The alternative to overstaying is to leave the country and come back. But, you would then have to start the process again from the beginning. If you already have the work permit, this is also cancelled. If you are in this situation, make sure you talk to your local Immigration first so they know which choice you have taken.

UPDATE on 22nd JULY 2014: Immigration have removed the “lifetime” ban for those people who overstay more than 10 years

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  1. Thai governement is making things difficult for visitors who spend money there. People staying long term should be given long term visas to do so, after all it is impossible to milk thailand, do they have good money or jobs for foreigners like in middle east?
    With so much flat land thailand can easily built a specail town to experiment with no plastic(only no option usage allowed), solar power, battery cars and lots of bicylce. Flat lands are good for battery cars and bicylce.
    When this eco-green town is successful there will be lots of visitors (no bars or brothels- alcohol allow at restuarants) and they have good experience living in a real clean environment.
    It would be world famous as model of future sustainable clean living town and people with small pricks who want to compensate for their perceived small penis by driving big cars or motorbikes have to park their vehicle at the outside boundry of this town and change to the battery cars or bicycle for rental available.(take note earlier mentioned perceived small penis not necessary small in reality).
    Thailand will make money with this town a change from sex money or drugs.Of course big guys asked how much do they get? What? They don’t get nothing? Then it would remain as a dream.

  2. Hi today i made a visa run with bangkok buddy to cambodia poi pet a nice quiet sunday my visa expires on Aug 30th and I got to the counter they said I overstayed one day even through its the 30th today on my visa expiring they explained border crossing different from airport you must pay 500 bt today.

    I again showed them my passport visa and the date it expire and she asked me if i wanted to come back thailand today i should pay so i didnt argue just paid the fine and the lady crossed out the 30th and wrote 29th on it what kind of cheating is that? i have a copy of my visa printed before and also can post a image of what they did after they changed it I like to file a complaint all my years in the kingdom since 2004 i never had this happen and i been out on a type O visa yer before every 90dys the day it expired and never fined.

    1. Assalammalikum,
      Hey friend you had better go to the immigration and just pay the fine and then you can leave the country. Don’t go to airport or try to leave they will put you in prison.
      Just pay the fine at the office it is the proper way, after all it’s just some money. The Prison is very dirty and you will suffer there. Avoid the prison at all costs.

  3. I have overstayed for 10 months. Arrested last month. Going court next week.

    Arrested reason: working without permit which i didnt work.

    And visa over stayed

  4. hi
    i have overstayed for more then 1 year.they told me i just need to go to the airport with my ticket for Europe and the fine from 20000 bath.I have been reading that the ban to not enter the kingdom of Thailand not yet in effect is. Correct?

  5. Hey
    I have a student visa and overstayed for 110 days. They told me to pay 20000 + 5700 (1 year extension fee for 3 persons) or go back to my home country and make a new visa. I know overstaying is a serious crime. Do u think they will give me a extension?

    1. That is up to their discretion. I cannot say what they will or not do. But, it is advisable for you to do something soon. Its not a good idea in this present climate to be in Thailand illegally. If you trust them, go for it, but it is true that normally you would have to leave the country to apply for an education visa.

  6. I’m overstay 60 days, do you think I should go to the immigration office or the airport?
    Also I’m an expat who is searching for a good work ideas in Thailand. I am living here and I am curious if you are able to get paid much as an internet blogger?
    What types of online work are possible to get into here in Thailand and are there insane rules and regulations to maintain? Thank you.

    1. You need to get yourself sorted before you get banned from coming back. It doesn’t make much difference between which Immigration office you choose, but the airport would be better as you cannot renew what you have. I presume you are on a tourist visa or a visa exempt. It’s illegal to work in Thailand without a work permit, paid or otherwise. My work permit actually says “webmaster” as one of my duties. But I know plenty of people who do blogging on a tourist visa. As for ideas, you need to come up with those yourself! But, from my personal experience, if you are blogging for little or no money, do something that interests you. The majority of my websites are hobby sites and don’t have any form of advertising.

  7. I’ve renewed my passort . My visa ends Feb 23 and my working permit ends on April 30. The immigration transferred the old records to the new passport but there was no stamp of extension. What should I do since I already overstayed.

  8. I overstay my tourist visa by 7 days sept 2016 ,I booked my flight got to airport and went though immigration and payed 3500bt 500/day ,that was it , ive now book another holiday in Thailand july im I ok as no 1 as said im blacklisted thanks

  9. Hi My friend overstayed in Thailand for more than 3 years and was on the way to home 5 days back and ready to pay 20000 Baht

    But still he has not reached and he is not even picking the call and there is no any communication

    Can you please suggest what could be the reasons?
    Is there any other reason or possibility that he is being arrested by cops?

    1. It is possible he was picked up before he reached the airport. He could be in Immigration Detention Center awaiting trial. Once that is over he cannot leave until he has bought a ticket to his home country and then he is escorted to the airport where he is deported and blacklisted.

  10. Hi! I overstayed my tourist visa in 2015 by a few days and paid the fine at the airport, it was pretty straightforward! However I am going to apply for a 90 day tourist visa for October and I’m nervous it will be rejected because of my previous overstay? Has anyone any advice?? Or had a similar experience? Thanks in advance

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